1. Last night's CS:GO update has caused some servers to crash regularly, please be patient while the issue is resolved!

sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

  • Added am_austria to 1v1 Arenas servers
  • Added extended kill feed information to 1v1 Arenas servers, same as Retakes (through smoke, while flashed, noscope, etc)
  • Added matchmaking-like rank system to the scoreboard on Retakes servers. The points threshold mimics that of actual matchmaking ranks - percentiles match up with our existing database
  • Updated GOKZ to 2.3.0
  • Added surf_minecraft_2020 (Tier 2 Staged)
  • Added new bhop maps:
    • bhop_162
    • bhop_2hrs
    • bhop_accelerate
    • bhop_affliction
    • bhop_air
    • bhop_alprazolam
    • bhop_aphrodite
    • bhop_askowo
    • bhop_bloodflow
    • bhop_boredom
    • bhop_cover
    • bhop_decimus
    • bhop_devblock97
    • bhop_etizolam
    • bhop_forget
    • bhop_futile
    • bhop_growfonder
    • bhop_hades
    • bhop_haunt
    • bhop_how2strafe
    • bhop_kuukkeli
    • bhop_lightningroad
    • bhop_lightsout
    • bhop_linear_concrete2
    • bhop_linear_dust2
    • bhop_linear_forest2
    • bhop_linear_minimal
    • bhop_mdstrafe
    • bhop_mourning
    • bhop_myp
    • bhop_norma
    • bhop_offerline2
    • bhop_one_fall
    • bhop_puffs
    • bhop_purea
    • bhop_quaker
    • bhop_quaker2
    • bhop_rbth
    • bhop_red_shade
    • bhop_ripchy
    • bhop_ruins_of_hopcity
    • bhop_sakura_project
    • bhop_solitude
    • bhop_spdmp_2hr
    • bhop_stoitnamalchika
    • bhop_strvfe02
    • bhop_strvfe03
    • bhop_toroux
    • bhop_tsture
    • bhop_tumi
    • bhop_unrealverse_beta
    • bhop_waff1e
    • bhop_wire
We are also very aware of the once daily crash issue with Beginner and Easy Surf servers. This started after the Operation update, which Valve introduced a very sizable memory leak into the CS:GO Dedicated Server application. The issue seems extremely prevalent with higher population servers. I'm hoping they will be fixing it soon, but I have been working on mitigating the issue in various ways (subtracting a couple available slots, fixing a couple small leaky plugins, etc). This may ultimately require a twice daily restart so the issue doesn't persist. Hang with us, we'll get it right! :emoji_thumbsup:
Hey all, Sneak's Events Team is planning a Movie Night!

The theme this time will be STAR WARS!
(mostly since the new one comes out December 20th, 2019 ;))

Before we dive into this upcoming event, we need your guys' opinion on which Star Wars movie to watch! Please vote for which Star Wars movie you want to watch, the movie with the most votes will be shown!
The Movie will be shown on Saturday December 14th, 2019 @ 7 PM CST

Thank you from the Events Team!
  • Added surf_mwag_reloaded (T3 Staged)
  • Added surf_strike (T5 Staged)
  • Added surf_warped (T3 Linear)
  • Added new KZ Global maps:
    • kz_bhop_benchmark
    • kz_fas2map
    • kz_flabbergast
    • kz_forgettable
    • kz_goldentabby
    • kz_heaven_od
    • kz_ice_od
    • kz_kzra_skaxis
    • kz_kzra_slidely
    • kz_kzra_voovblock
    • kz_slide_purple_x
    • kz_slide_svn_temple
    • kz_slidebober
    • kz_surf_blu
  • A couple optimizations across all servers
A new CS:GO Operation is out! Check out the update news here.
  • Fixed all game update issues, servers are back open for business!
  • Added all new skins, and all 4 new knives to !ws/!knife menus
  • Added surf_first (Tier 1 Staged)
  • Added surf_gleam2 (Tier 2 Staged)
  • Added surf_neon_final (Tier 2 Staged)
  • Fixed a crash on bhop_beachparty
  • Removed the most forward CT spawn for B site retakes on de_mirage
  • Fixed Surf Timer HUD after the update
  • Added period as a new chat command trigger (alongside ! and /)
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