sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

Hello everyone,

For the past couple weeks, we have been reworking our ruleset to adapt to the community as best as possible. As the community has grown & evolved, it became clear that the most basic rules needed to change as well. From the inception of our community, the rules have been incredibly basic, and lately sometimes seen as a bit too vague or malleable, so changes have been made to combat negative/disruptive behavior. Much of what you will see has already been globally enforced, however the language is much clearer. Notably, Rule #1 has been separated into two rules (new Rule #7 regarding discrimination), and a new Rule #6 regarding advertising has been added.

The updated rules also includes an additional ruleset for timer-based modes (Surf, Bhop, KZ). Whilst they are definitely not perfect (and probably never will be due to the nature of timer modes), this should clear up any confusion.

You can view the updated rules here.

If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions - we're all ears!

Thank you
  • Sikari's new Movement HUD plugin (!mhud), and GC's distbug plugin (!distbug) has been released for usage by all on every KZ server! Thank you both for such cool plugins :CoolCat:
  • Added measures to prevent players from crashing on map changes on 1v1 Arenas, FFA DM, and Retakes servers, more to come as they are tested
  • We have have updated our community-wide rules, and added Timer mode specific rules! Click here for the announcement.
  • Fixed a small issue from tonight's CS:GO update
I'll be using this new update format for a while - smaller updates/additions will be announced in Discord, and I'll do a bit of a weekly wrap-up here on the website!
  • Updated mg_koga73_multigames_g > mg_koga73_multigames_h
  • Changes to surf_ixtab_njv
    • Moved stage 2 spawn up the stairs
    • Normalized teleport angles
  • Fixed high jump check on S4 surf_acp_fix and removed superboosted times
  • Added surf_rez2 (T4 Staged)
  • Updated xc_fox_shrine_japan > xc_fox_shrine_japan_fr for globals
  • Added new bhop maps:
    • bhop_community_jump2
    • bhop_desolation
    • bhop_kitzune_v1
    • bhop_nevertranslucent
    • bhop_rippcpie
  • Tweaked a few spawns on Retakes
Quick update roundup:
  • Added surf_numbers2 (T4 Staged)
  • Re-zoned surf_haze, fixed spawn/teleport position issues
  • Added gcspeed & dist bug plugins to KZTimer NA server, currently only available to VIP's while we do some CPU load testing and profiling to determine if this can be used by the general public on such a high population server.
  • Added new KZ global maps:
    • bkz_dontstop
    • kz_bacho
    • kz_baxter
    • kz_bhop_zenith
    • kz_bombu
    • kz_correguchin_final
    • kz_fastmap
    • kz_longjumps_space
    • kz_minimal_combo
    • kz_nymph
    • kz_prekeeper
    • kz_prototype
    • kz_slide_extreme
    • kz_thinkblock
    • kz_wetbricks
Also, a huge shout out to everyone who came out for the 24hr charity drive. The final numbers are in, after all standard donations, subs, bits, etc we have successfully raised $1,706.90 for Extra Life this year! Everyone who met the $5 sub goal should have their Discord role applied, if not, please contact me. Amazon gift card winners will be drawn within the few days. Thank you all so much for supporting such a worthy cause! Whether you donated, shared, or just hung out - YOU are what made this all possible!
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