sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

You are cordially invited to our Minigames night from SneaK and his staff team!

SneaK's lovely Events Team would all like to welcome you and your friends to our wonderful games night on our Minigames server!! I couldn't think of a better way to spend 4/20 than coming to join us!?

Where is the server might you ask?
Simply type “ connect “ in your CS:GO console and it’ll bring you straight to the fun! :D sounds great right?

What time is it starting though?
Well, for our Americans it’ll start at 6pm CST. For the Australians, it’ll be 9am and for all our Europeans, it’ll be at 1am!

Why Minigames?
whY NoT?! We love trying out new things and we bet you do too! Having all different members in on the same server making new friends and even new interests on other servers Is a great way to mingle and try out new things :p

( we may even include a little give away in the server, but shh! Thats our little secret! )

So save the date and we'll see you there!
happy 4/20 :)

Love from the Event Team,
beary, kyle, kuiq, land and spidy <3
Round-up of updates from the past few days:
  • Added surf_elysium4 (T5 Staged)
  • Added surf_klue (T2 Linear)
  • Lasered surf_interceptor stage 2 skip, normalized teleport angles
  • Made bonus 3 end tele on elysium4 go back to bonus start
  • Lasered both sets of ramps on surf_a s4
  • Lowered trigger on surf_commune_too_beta5 s2
  • Lasered side of surf_cyanide_njv s2 skip that was missing
  • Lasered surf_water-run_banjo_skill bonus
  • Tweaked stage and bonus start zones on surf_autism
  • Fixed a few bhop map tiers
We have new moderators and officially formed our events team! Please welcome new moderators @brayn @kyle_mf @Land and @Spidy ! On our events team, we also have @beary @kyle_mf @Land and @Kuiq ! Please give them all a warm welcome :)
  • Added new bhop maps:
    • bhop_auto_help
    • bhop_babylon_fix
    • bhop_behomeby11
    • bhop_beyond
    • bhop_bob_v1
    • bhop_booty
    • bhop_castlerg
    • bhop_cherryblossom
    • bhop_elate
    • bhop_epiphany_csgo
    • bhop_ethereum_fix
    • bhop_fsog_v2
    • bhop_fuji
    • bhop_hima
    • bhop_idiosyncrasy_fix_fix
    • bhop_kaunisnimi_fix
    • bhop_kerpele
    • bhop_kyle
    • bhop_laf
    • bhop_linear_forest
    • bhop_map
    • bhop_mapsuck
    • bhop_nahuy
    • bhop_potato
    • bhop_promp2tude_a4
    • bhop_rin
    • bhop_rockthevote
    • bhop_sacred
    • bhop_shaft
    • bhop_sr_strange_hd
    • bhop_supermario
    • bhop_swag_final_v2
    • bhop_vesterbro
    • bhop_woodbattle
  • Fixed a few bhop tiers
  • Removed bhop_wacer, duplicate of bhop_racer
  • Fixed a possible exploit on surf_chateau_fix
April Fool's is now over so I've gone and reverted all the silly gags, I hope that encouraged a wider variety of maps to be played on the game servers.
  • Several surf maps have been updated to fix versions for various reasons. No times have been touched unless noted below:
    • surf_chateau > surf_chateau_fix
      • Times that used any sort of skip that is now triggered/clipped have been removed
      • All bonus 2 times have been wiped, as any snow displacements have been made non-solid
      • Added a new Bonus 3
    • surf_gekar_v2 > surf_gekar
    • surf_pinkcubes > surf_pinkcubes_fix
    • surf_satellite > surf_satellite_fix
  • Changes to surf_zbig_rc2:
    • Fixed random stuck spawn tele on stage 1
    • Added laser to bhop skip on stage 6
  • Removed bonus on surf_prelude_ksf - It was exactly the main map, with the last few rooms were just entirely unlit, which gave a competitive edge to VIP's (with paint + show triggers)
  • Added a new experimental plugin to help with players crashing upon map change - I'm looking for your feedback! Please include which server, how the map changed (naturally with timelimit running out, with rtv, with changelevel vote, etc), if the issue has improved, worsened, or has not changed, and how much time you've experienced with this.
  • Retakes servers saw a couple minor optimizations
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