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  2. We now have servers in Europe! Click here to view the announcement and here to view the updated server list.

sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

What's up guys, the past several months I've been bombarded with questions like "when new server" and "when new location" - and I can finally announce, that it's happened.

As of today I'm excited to announce that we have launched several servers in Europe (Germany, specifically)! These servers are very similar to what we have here in NA - Easy & Advanced Surf, 1v1 Arenas, and KZ Climb. For now I'm starting with those core servers which have proven to be extremely popular, and will be adding more in the coming days. As an added bonus, I've added a TDM Battalion 1944 server to this box as well.

All new servers and their IP's can be found on the Servers page, on Discord, on the Steam group, you name it, it's there. Please report any issues you may find so I can take care of them right away!

  • Removed bhop_ytt_dust_csgo, as it was causing crashes
  • Did some cloudflare tweaking for faster website loading & downloads
  • Added surf_flow (T2 Linear)
  • Booted up a TDM Battalion 1944 server in EU, IP:
  • Fixed an issue with Easy Surf & 1v1 Arenas not being on the weapon skins global database (they will be synced with all the other servers from here on out)
  • Performed monthly wipe of VIP tags from surf timer
  • Updated bans page back end
  • Synced surf replay bots
  • Added missing tiers to surf_004_fix and surf_semesterbreak_fix
  • Added date of completion on map view in the surf web stats
  • Normalized relevant teleport angles, stopped ring from end of bonus 1 on surf_spaceship_ksf from moving
  • Changes to surf_extremex:
    • Stopped the rotation on stage 8
    • Re-zoned
    • Reinstated fail lasers and filtering on stage 5 (wiped all times under 10.5s)
    • Wiped all times WR +7 seconds or less due to stage 5 change
  • Removed access to buttons on the surf_extremex series
  • surf_reytx_csgo is now surf_reytx! Mainly visual changes and optimization
  • surf_akai_final is now surf_akai_final_fix. Lots of new stuff - lasers to indicate start skip, telehops are no longer possible, new end zone, 1.7k start speed, etc.
  • Updated kz_christmas_fix and kz_free_ahful to latest global versions, if you have these maps they will need to be deleted from your maps folder & re-downloaded!
  • All drops are now static on on the surf_syria series, telehopping is no longer possible. Removed several times that were telehopped or may have been affected by now changed drop times. Removed a few superboosted stage times as well.
  • Fixed stage 1 boost not properly re-activating if manually resetting on surf_fast, normalized teleport angles
  • Removed leftover holiday flair
Once again, all items below have been done in the past few days, just compiling everything together for a singular post.
  • Added decoy dodgeball rounds to 1v1 Arenas
  • Added additional anticheat method to competitive servers
  • Added surf_runewords2 (T4 Staged)
  • Added surf_ori_l (T3 Linear, ty @The Better Grinch)
  • Removed a couple superboosted bonus times
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_oasis, tweaked zones (only gameplay change would be that bonus 1 is now a drop start zone)
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_vale
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_vale2, re-zoned (new stage records & bonus record possible)
  • Removed possibility of telehopping s4 on surf_jizznipples