1. Last night's CS:GO update has caused some servers to crash regularly, please be patient while the issue is resolved!

sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

  • Added surf_fire_eye (T4 Linear)
  • Added surf_scorch_go (T2 Linear)
  • Added lasers to last stage of surf_derpis_h
  • We have re-introduced surf_forgotten_fix since it was removed in 2017 with some additional logging to help track down the old (possible) crash issue. A few illegal skips have been patched and cheated times removed.
  • Fixed a rare crash upon map change on surf_classics2
  • Fixed a crash on surf_fornax
  • Added !startpos for donors on Surf servers (only on map starts for the meantime, stages and bonuses coming later)
  • A couple small fixes/optimizations to the surf timer
  • Fixed error spam on bhop_jib_jib_csgo
  • Retakes: Added a couple forward CT spawns to B site of de_mirage to get a better balance of CT/T wins/losses, and to better emulate an actual site retake in a game
  • Applied a performance fix to Surf & Bhop servers (KZ servers already had it)
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay are now accepted on our donation store through the Stripe portal (with supported browsers/devices)
At long last, we have retired the Classic Offensive server. Coming up on 3 years since the mod's initial release, it appears as though development has slowed to a crawl, and the playerbase is all but gone. If the devs release a major version which re-sparks interest, we will host it again.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Sneak's Events Team is hosting a 1v1 Tournament!
Click here to sign up!

The tournament will take place Saturday November 2nd @ 2 pm CST

How to Enter
The tournament will be hosted through a FACEIT hub located HERE
The queues will open once the tournament begins
Hub will be unable to join after the tournament has started
FACEIT ANTI-CHEAT will be required to participate in the event!

Players will have 2 hours to compete in a ladder to reach a top 8 position
The Top 8 players will then compete in bracket matches
Every match will be BO1 except for the


Our Community Rules apply
No fighting or harassing other players. If found, you will be disqualified.

You must be in good standing (not hold a current ban on any account) to be eligible for placement and prizing.


1st Place: $50, 6 months VIP, prestigious Discord role
2nd Place: $25, 3 months VIP
3rd-4th Place: $10, 1 month VIP
If you would like to crowd-fund this prize pool, please contact @sneaK
Bit of a round-up since last update:
  • Added new 20th Anniversary Case skins
  • Added new Classic Knife
  • Fixed stuck spots of the new de_cache on Retakes servers (back walls of B site and B site checkers moved up a few units)
  • Removed am_cubes from 1v1 Arenas rotation (not enough arenas to support 32 players)
  • Added surf_interference_csgo (Tier 2 Linear) - for the visuals it is required to have your shaders video setting on high or very high
  • Added surf_thicket (Tier 1 Staged)
  • Hyperscrolling/macro bans on scroll/legit modes on bhop have been reduced to 1 month by default (down from 3 months) - all existing 3 month bans have been lowered to reflect this
  • Wiped top cheated jumpstats on KZTimer servers
  • Several back-end website updates
Quick and dirty roundup of the past couple weeks. Updates are only posted here if there is a significant amount to post - join our Discord to stay up to the minute with every addition and change!
  • Added surf_beyond (Tier 1 Staged)
  • Added surf_nesquik (Tier 5 Staged)
  • Added surf_skipalot (Tier 2 Linear)
  • Fixed rare crash issue on surf_paranoid_enigma
  • Added bhop_blackglow_csgo
  • Added bhop_jethro_blue
  • Added bhop_zyper
  • Fixed a download issue with bhop_synthetic
  • Fixed a bhop timer exploit
  • Fixed a couple bhop tiers
  • Fixed a couple stuck spots on de_vertigo Retakes
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