sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

  • Patched possible exploit skip on surf_loentra maps
  • Updated bhop timer, several fixes/optimizations
  • Added kz_blockeasy (T3) to all KZ servers
  • Updated Movement HUD to latest version on all applicable servers
  • Fixed only being able to carry 1 flashbang in Retakes
Don't forget, our 5v5 Tournament signups are open!
5v5 Test Tournament Sign-Ups

The tournament will be held on Sunday, June 23 starting at 2:00PM CST
Sign-ups are now open! You may now sign up your team here.
Maximum 8 teams for this tournament, first come, first serve. No-shows may jeopardize your ability to compete in future events.

Account Requirements:
At least one player per team must have 10+ hours on our servers
No brand new accounts, no private profiles between date of signup and end of the match day

Tournament Rules:
Our Community Rules apply
No fighting or harassment of other teams. If found, your team can be disqualified.
No cheating. If someone is convicted of cheating, their team is disqualified and the player(s) banned for life.

1st Place - Special Discord rank, 3 months VIP for each player
2nd Place - 1 month VIP for each player
Being a first time test event, we will not be offering a cash prize for this event.

Other notes:
We will likely be using Easy Anti-Cheat for this tournament. We will reach out to team captains in regards to this soon.
  • Added surf_elites_v2_fix (T1 Linear)
  • Patched possible exploit on surf_numbers2
  • Adjusted a few bhop map tiers
  • Crates on bhop_dejavu are no longer breakable
  • Added store credit options to the new donation store
Hello all,

Over the past couple days, I have heard from a few of you that the donation system was causing issues and not letting some of you donate. After some investigation, I've come to find that the 3rd party API that our donation system requires was down, and the host had made no communications as to the status of it.

That being said, donations are incredibly important to keep everything going, and I have actually been working on an alternate system for some time, to provide donors with a more streamlined experience, with more options.

I'm happy to announce that as of last night, we have switched donation systems! The new one may seem a bit rough around the edges and lacking some packages due to the unexpected emergency switch, but this will change in the coming week(s). The new system is still accessible through the Donate tab on the top of your screen, and allows us to have several new features, including:
  • Automatic recurring payments (set and forget, with added benefits)
  • Additional payment processor(s) - Currently have PayPal & Stripe (credit cards)
  • New donation package types
  • Improved integration with our services
Thank you to anyone who currently donates, or who has donated in the past. Your continued support helps us keep this community thriving!
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