sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

Hello everyone,

It comes with great dismay that I announce today of our departure from hosting servers in Europe. While the EU expansion was a fun experiment for us, it showed that it is very hard to break into the Europe region, even with an existing community, aside from a few key servers. With the departure of MOTD ads and no donors that primarily played on EU servers, the European dedicated box had become impossible to sustain monetarily.

The good news is that this allows us to double down on our existing NA community and put more time, effort, and funds into what we have here. This doesn't mean we won't be back to Europe, it just means a proper break until current funds can be stabilized and any possible more cost-efficient alternatives can be had.

Current EU servers will be down by the end of the day today (~10 hours) in preparation for server cleanup and proper data migration.

Thank you for your continued support!
Hello everyone, please give a warm welcome to @cake, @Mylifetogive, and @LUq as our latest additions to the admin team! They will be assisting us help foster a fun, positive environment in the community and in-game.

As always, for anyone else who is interested in an administrator position, you may submit an admin application here, so when we are looking for new admins we'll have your application on file.
I've been putting a lot of time into the website for a much more pleasant and functional experience the past few days, I hope you guys enjoy!
  • Added rotating slideshow of images to the background (forum, surf stats, donation system) - more variation to come!
  • Entirely revamped the donation system look and feel. Much more appealing to look at and use, go check it out!
  • Entirely replaced the Servers page, thank you @Ruto for the hard work making this functional! The page now accurately displays whether a server is online or not, its current map, and current players.
  • Every time you hover over an avatar, it rotates a few degrees
  • Hovering over a text color now expands it for a better view
  • Added helpful notices to the Ban Appeals section to ensure a proper appeal, which means a faster response time from Admins
  • Added several more forum trophies to award participation, still looking for someone to help me out with graphics for trophy icons. Several more to come!
  • Fixed several alignment issues with the nav bar, and top button text/icon positions
  • Donate text now is a bit more of a stand-out green
  • Admins usernames are a bit more fancied up
Plenty more to come, I plan on working on the bans page next, and we'll go from there!
  • FFA DM & Top 50/VIP Surf servers now have new IP's, you can view them on our Servers page
  • Fixed MP5 Rounds not working properly on some 1v1 Arenas maps
  • Re-zoned surf_generic, normalized teleport angles
  • Fixed VIP vote mutes/gags not working properly
  • Improved gameserver stability & performance
Lots of 'round-the-website improvements:
  • Added several Twitch emotes to the forum :CorgiDerp: (ty @Sikari for da help)
  • Adding several more forum trophies to award people for participating! Also looking for someone to help out with new icons that would be displayed under your name when you post
  • Added the ability to use GIF avatars
  • Added a e s t h e t i c rotating background images
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