sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

Sneak's Events Team is looking to set up a 5v5 competitive tournament.

The tournament will happen Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16.
Edit: Date will be changed to the weekend after because of fathers day, so the event will start at Sunday June 23rd @ 2pm CST!
How To Enter
Signups and more information is HERE

8 teams: First come, first serve
The map pool will consist of the active pool + cache.
Each team can have up to 7 players (5 + 2 stand-ins), MUST be pre-registered
Each team will veto a map until one remains, that map will be played.
All matches are best of 1 except the grand finals.

Prizes will consist of VIP and more! Stay tuned :)
Welcome Everyone!

The @Events Team is back with another nightly event for you!! ;)
Seeing the last MiniGames went so great and we're being asked for it back, we have answered your requests :p
We do hope you come along and chill out with us on the MiniGames Server!!

On Friday, the 31st of May, we would love for you to join us on the MiniGames server.
To connect, simply type "connect" in your console and it will bring you right to us on MiniGames :D

Its as simple as that!! The night will start at 6pm CST for all the Americans. For the Australians, it’ll be 9am and for all our Europeans, it’ll be at 1am!

We're more than happy if you'd care to join us anytime before or after these times :D

And yes! before you ask, we will be back in sneaK's Discord for the voice chat if you would care to join us in there too :D
The Events Team would be ecstatic to see you guys back on and gaming with us!
Save the date and we'll see you there!

Love from the Events Team,
beary, bry, Frumpy, kuiq, kyle and land <3
  • Added surf_ardon_fix (T2 Linear)
  • A perk for our donors has been added - FOV changer! On all non-competitive servers (all but Arenas/Retakes) - by typing !fov <number>, you can adjust your visible FOV and have some fun with it.
  • Anti-cheat update:
    • A couple new detection methods
    • Improved logging
    • Improved optimization
  • Fixed Bonus 2 on surf_lessons booting you backwards the majority of the time upon fail
  • Lasered invisible section of royal spin
  • Added surf_garden_go (T1 Staged, also on Beginner Surf)
  • Added surf_garden_h_go (T5 Staged)
  • Added surf_whiteout (T1 Staged, also on Beginner Surf)
  • Changes to the in-game Store (will be live on 6am server restart):
    • Improved FPS of donor glow item
    • Credits now saved immediately upon item purchase/sale
    • Sprays no longer trigger while using doors, defusing bombs, or when buttons are being pressed
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