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sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

  • Fixed teleport angles on surf_smaragd
  • Testing anti-telehop plugin on dev surf - should be helpful for new maps without proper player clips, and existing maps that shouldn't be telehopped
  • Preparing for 320 -> 380 start zone prespeed (surf)
  • Updated MOTD URLs to reflect new website
  • Maximum auto bhop speed in minigames is now 360u/s - prevents players from flying around and getting a massive advantage over others
  • Fixed error log on minigames
  • Halloween is over, back to normal colored start/end zones!
  • Added rankings & stats to FFA DM server (bots are not counted) - type !rank !statsme !top
Website stuff:
  • Made stickies more visible
  • Removed latest profile status updates from sidebar except from main forum view
  • Limited signature size to 400px x 200px (images are max 175px height)
  • Halloween is over, back to normal colored buttons!
  • Changed captcha type upon registration
  • "New Posts" on sidebar now properly reflects all forums, not just announcements/updates
As of today, our website is fully up and ready to go. Feel free to register and join our great community! Also, I am doing a 24hr charity stream over at my Twitch Channel on November 5th, starting at 6am EST. The stream will support the Extra Life Charity, which helps fund children's hospitals nationwide, and helps sick & injured kids get a healthy start on life. Check out this awesome charity here, and consider donating to a worthy cause!


With all that said, I'm super excited to announce our knife giveaway! We're celebrating so many things; one year of our great community, 500 Twitch followers, a new website, supporting a great charity, and more! I couldn't be happier with where we stand today, so I'm doing all I can to give back to all of you, who make this community so great. My Extra Life supporters who donate $5 or more will get 20 extra entries into the giveaway. Just click the picture above and get your entries in, GLHF!
  • Slight changes to surf_classics2 in relation to rotating objects (practically nothing noticeable)
  • Improved rule enforcement system for admins, even after a player has disconnected
  • Made a few improvements to limit anticheat false positives
  • Fixed console error spam for missing sound file in surf_inspire
  • Fixed some more exploits on surf_kitsune2_GO
Website stuff:
  • Adjusted forum user titles for custom groups
  • Various improvements/fixes
  • Adjusted button background colors across the board
  • Implemented a standard sidebar site-wide
  • Custom user info links (youtube/twitch/etc) now spawns a new tab/window
  • Numerous website security improvements
Hey guys, we're open for beta. Currently registration is open, however I will only be approving members who will be testing the site.

Test test beep boop