sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

  • Small optimizations
  • Adjusted reserved slots
  • Utilizing game-driven autobhop instead of by plugin (much smoother, less load on the server)
  • Brought up to date with latest anticheat measures (as seen on 1v1 Arenas & CS:CO servers)
  • Fixed some errors
  • Fixed a bug where going to stage 3 from a start zone wouldn't recognize the fact that you were in stage 3.
  • Wiped surf_water-run_b5 stage 1 times (there was an exploit that's been fixed, see above)
  • Cleaned up chat announcement of improving stage rank
  • Changed how anti-dropboosting works, please report if there are any issues (if it's too aggressive or something)
  • Adjusted surf_beginner zoning
  • Adjusted surf_autism zoning
  • Fixed the replay bot not showing the right tickrate (again)
  • Updated bad name kick filter
  • Updated racism filter
  • Adjusted advertisement interval, Q1 is a very low paying :(
  • Another anticheat ban wave (~150-200 accounts)
  • Fixed an issue where certain web and game services would be unavailable at extremely peak times

I'm hoping to bring a unified ranking system to CS:CO/FFA DM/1v1 Arenas before I leave for the major, which would cross-promote servers.
  • Fixed exploit in anti-anti-cheat measures (fedora tip to Headline for the fix)
  • Yet another ban wave for known cheaters & alt accounts
  • Fixed up surf timer with new commands, optimizations, fixes, etc. Too much to list!
  • Tweaked AFK enforcement timers & alerts on minigames server
  • Improved anticheat logging & alerting
It's mah birthday! :D
  • Looks like WRCP's are now working without crashes! Added to the public servers, missing some features and a couple buggy elements, but these will get added back and fixed by the end of the day tomorrow!
  • Another large ban wave of known cheaters, 350+ accounts banned. Shame that people can be so blatant and brag about cheating, and Valve does nothing.
  • WRCP's introduced
  • New bot replay system
  • New common & easy commands
  • Saveloc
  • Various fixes & optimizations
What are WRCP's? WRCP stands for World Record Checkpoint. In layman's terms, it means we have stage records! Not only are entire maps competitive, now every stage is as well. I can already say that zoning is going to need to be tweaked on several maps, if you find any issues please report them so they can be fixed!

The new bot replay system allows you to choose which run you want to watch, whether it be the main map or a bonus, on demand.

Several new commands to make things easily accessible for everyone... anything from !specbot, to !goback to !teleport, etc.

We now have saveloc (so you can save any current location, speed, etc) and load back to that save and time to practice your run!
  • Added new surf maps:
    • surf_guitar_hi (T2 L)
    • surf_industries (T3 L)
  • Added new 1v1 Arenas maps from the mapping contest
    • am_canopy
    • am_junkyard
    • am_ghabar
  • Updated surf points & ranking system post with latest values & better explanations
  • Replaced de_mirage_ce with de_mirage_csco on CS:CO server (was possibly causing issues)
  • Fixed start zone of surf_industries (thanks @EthanAce )
  • Normalized teleports on surf_industries
  • Normalized teleports on surf_noble_csgo (thanks @Quik )
  • Fixed bugged stage 2 teleporter on surf_sinister2_csgo
  • Normalized teleports on surf_sinister2_csgo
  • Fixed start zones of surf_impact_njv and surf_gurus_njv
  • Fixed afk warning on CS:CO server
  • Allowed unlimited team changes on CS:CO server
  • Experimental fix to the rare "disappearing weapon until you die" bug on 1v1 Arenas
  • Huge ban wave of 450+ accounts of known cheaters and alt accounts. The sheer number of cheating bans we get daily is rising and rising, Valve really needs to figure out this growing issue. Click here to view our anticheat bans, click here for duplicate account detection bans.
I'm still working out issues with the revamped surf timer, please be patient while I figure out these crashes!
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