sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

  • surf_chaos_rg - Added back to rotation, now have a failsafe way of preventing telehopping without bugs
  • Updated racism filter
  • Added am_cemetary
  • Added am_ussr_arena
  • A couple surf timer fixes (small repeat mode fix, language phrasing & other small fixes)
  • Fixed wipe schedule announcement to display the correct dates
  • Added free 'rock' kit for everyone (/kit rock)
  • Removed glue, duct tape, and sticks (useless)
This update will be a bit of a rolling log, as I'll be making updates throughout the day. Check back later for more!

Rust Server:
  • Added automated wipe schedule check (announced to players upon join)
  • Tweaked some meteor shower values slightly
  • Added ability to rotate signs by using /rot
  • Adjusted duration of daytime
  • Implemented system to stop "combat logging" (teleporting out of a raid or during combat) - I am experimenting with values, please report any issues using the in-game /ticket system or by posting here on the forum
  • Adjusted anti-spam rate limiter
  • Disabled crafting of land mines & wooden floor spikes (before you would craft them and they would instantly disappear)
  • Disabled bear traps from spawning in supply drops
  • Players automatically get their active item replaced if broken, with an item of the same category, if they have one in their inventory
  • Adjusted autoturrets so they do not target animals
Rust Server:
  • Lowered spawning number of the following items (means it will still spawn with the same chances, just less per crate/barrel):
    • smg/semi/rifle bodies
    • tech trash
    • snap traps
  • Increased charcoal output by 15%
  • Removed supply drop landed distance & direction notification
  • Removed random supply drop incoming notification
  • Updated a couple plugins after yesterday's update
  • Remover tool now shouldn't require any resources to use on twig/stone/metal
  • Remover tool raid cooldown reduced to 2 minutes (from 5)
  • You can now place multiple cupboards even if they are in the range of an existing one
  • Fixed an issue with crafting high tier offensive valuables (autoturret, c4, rockets)
  • Decreased vote mute/gag required percentage slightly
  • Adjusted Rust server announcement
Hi guys, finally time to officially release what I've been putting most of my time into the last few weeks - our expansion into a new game - Rust!


After watching some more gameplay of Rust, running the idea by several of our community members, and seeing its development pace & frequency of communication & support from the devs, I determined that this game would be a nice change of pace and a great fit for our community. It's a nice change of pace from CS:GO, and a new avenue of fun & camaraderie for our members.

To connect, search for sneaK in the Modded server list, or type in console (F1):
Be sure to add the server to your Favorites!

Knowing I can't keep a single server setting default or un-modded, here are our server's features:
  • 3x Gather
  • Anti-cheat and anti-exploit systems
  • Auto Doors
  • Balanced Loot Distributions
  • Better Chat
  • Clans
  • Donor Privileges
  • Friendly Fire Toggle
  • Instant Crafting
  • Largest Map Size (6k)
  • Leveling & Ranks System
  • High Performance Dedicated Server
  • Timed Air Drops
  • PVP & PVE
  • Remover Tool
  • Skin Randomizer
  • Teleportation
  • Vote Day (Long days, short nights if not skipped)
  • ...and so much more!!
Wipes are first and third Thursday of every month, after the update.

Future Plans:
  • Donor perks & kits
  • Random events (deathmatch arenas for example)
  • NPC Traders & zones
  • ???
Thank you to everyone who hopped on, and helped me test before this first wipe, and gave ideas & support.
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