sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

  • Did some database cleaning so things should load a bit quicker
  • Doubled frequency of math questions on easy surf, but halved the number of earned credits. This encourages a wider distribution of players to be able to earn store credits
  • surf_forgotten is now surf_forgotten_test while we attempt to figure out what's causing these crashes! See Below
  • Fixed an issue using the standard login redirecting to the register page
  • Fixed math credit drop rate in minigames server
  • Styles with auto-bhop on the Bhop server now use the game driven & predicted autohop method - feels much more fluid and way better for players with elevated pings! Thanks Adam for the sweet sweet memes
  • Normalized teleports & adjusted zoning on the following maps:
    • surf_extrodinaire_3 (thx squirrels!!!)
    • surf_aircontrol_ksf__ (also fixed one other small nuance)
    • surf_greenbrick
    • surf_epicube_ksf
  • Seems as though the crashing issues with surf_forgotten have been sorted through, it has been put back on full rotation as surf_forgotten_fix
  • Added surf_crzyfrog_reloaded (T1 Staged)
  • Fixed an issue with sometimes getting a random knife (easy surf/kz)
  • Experimental fix for the ever-so-prevalent viewmodel disappearing bug
  • Updated a few plugins
  • Added surf_forgotten (T1 Linear | 6 Bonuses) Temporarily disabled due to crashing issues, working with map author to figure them out!
  • Added surf_illumination2 (T4 Staged | 3 Bonuses)
  • Stage repeat command is now only available to donors
  • Added bonus to surf_molstration
  • Fixed a mapcycle issue
  • Added KZ maps:
    • bkz_volcanohop
    • kz_moonlight
    • kz_sqrdsucks
    • kz_stranded
    • kz_talmaniac
  • Some optimizations & security improvements, working to move the site completely over to SSL in the near future

Privacy, Respect, and You

Recently we've had a bit of drama pop up, mainly due to a certain group of people not liking another group, and vice versa. Simply said: I don't care, and no one else does either. Keep your drama to yourself. If you don't like someone, there are multiple ways of blocking communication and never needing to deal with said persons. I've instructed my admins to squash any sort of drama or upheaval with heavy bans. I don't want any of this in our community, servers, or public spaces. No one wants it here.

That being said, let's also talk about privacy. There has been whispers of ddosing, doxxing, and some personal photos going around. If I see any threats or distribution of the above in our public spaces, indefinite bans will be issued.

We're all here to have fun, and won't let a couple people try to ruin it.
  • Removed am_storage_16times from 1v1 Arenas server, was extremely poorly rated
  • A couple various small fixes
  • Added surf_tranquility (T2 Staged)
  • Spectators now see running stage timers
  • Reverted experimental fix to wacky bonus SR diffs - I'll have to find another solution to this
  • Fixed store math credits
    • Donors with colored chat can now participate
    • Improved number detection (ex. someone can say "the answer is 49" and it will still get detected properly)
    • Small memory leak fix
  • Added Spectrum case skins to !ws plugin on KZ server
  • Optimizations & tweaks to database server - should provide faster, more consistent performance under load (website, game server access, etc)
  • More changes to ads plugin
  • Added weapon skins & knives plugin to Easy Surf
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