sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

Let's start with the big one:
  • Pre-speed on all surf start zones (bonuses included) have been raised to 380 u/s
This has been a long time coming, and I've been hinting at it for quite a while. "Why?" some may ask - and the answer is simple. Having a 320 hard prespeed limit is not in the spirit of surf. Players who are skillful at prestrafing should not be penalized for going faster than 320 u/s. "But people will now just pre-hop the start zone!" - while this is a possibility, gaining any significant amount of speed close to 380 u/s without getting knocked back because of going over the limit is not consistent at all, not to mention the player who pre-hops the start zone is 99.9% more likely to be less skilled than the player who can properly prestrafe a start zone, therefore will get a worse map time anyways. I've been bouncing the idea off of several long-standing community members, and the response has been very positive for this change. I'll definitely be taking feedback on this, but in the foreseeable future, this is here to stay. Now, onto the other updates:
  • All surf timer titles have been purged, everyone's surf rank is displayed on the scoreboard. VIP's can still choose the VIP title, but will be purged monthly to stay consistent with actual donors. From here on out, any custom title can be chosen via the Store.
  • Changes to surf_rebel_scaz_njv
    • Removed boosters from side of spawn, was creating extremely RNG runs, wiped times under 24 seconds because of this change
    • Added checkpoints
    • Skip is now permanently open, people seem to have more fun with this
  • Fixed end zone of surf_forbidden_tomb_sns
  • surf_corner had telehops removed sometime last week, finally removed telehopped times. Any time under 48 seconds has been wiped.
  • Added surf_cancer (T1 S)
  • Added surf_flatliners (T3 L)
  • Added surf_reytx_csgo (T1 S)
  • Fixed an issue where an attempted exploit crash would result in more than 1...
  • Fixed error regarding displaying of player damage on 1v1 Arenas
  • Removed superboosted time on surf_prime_time_r3vamp, recent game update makes it impossible to do anymore
  • Added SSJ plugin to bhop server (type !ssj to activate menu)
    • Counts your jumps
    • 2 modes: displays stats of every jump; display stats every sixth jump
    • Displays your current speed every time you perform a bhop
    • Calculates and displays the amount of speed gained per jump
    • Displays height difference between surfaces of the current and the previous jump.
    • Calculate and display sufficiency ('gained speed/max possible gain' ratio) of your strafes.
  • Removed surf timer chat processing, which lets us do the following:
    • Implemented custom tags into the store
    • Implemented name & chat colors into the store
    • Implemented chat filter for racism and more (will expand upon this as I get more free time)
    • All known chat triggers are hidden
    • Name change messages are now displayed
    • The only downside: ranks do not show up in chat
  • Fixed an issue where certain player skins would override the player's choice of gloves
Website Stuff:
  • Forum threads are now 10 posts per page (was 20 previously, way too long threads)
  • Removed giveaway announcements on the server & website, new one coming in a week!
  • Disabled server list on the sidebar until I get a better way of doing it
  • Fixed a broken donation link
  • Updated Steam Group description
  • Amended donor page with latest store updates
Due to increased demand & inquiries, we now have private servers available for rent. Private servers are great for streamers, or a dedicated group of friends who want to get together and get their own server.

  • All of the same plugins you see on our public servers
  • Every single map we offer on our public servers
  • Connected to our global databases, every map you complete is linked with our public servers
  • Customizable map time, unlimited extends
  • Replay bots synced instantly on a per-location basis
  • Private servers see new content/updates before public servers
  • Movement based servers are 5 slots maximum + bot(s) (inquire within for higher counts), competitive servers are limited to 12 slots
  • You are limited to whitelisting up to 15 of your friends at a time
  • You will not have access to server files or databases
  • Our community rules still apply
  • Private servers utilize our global ban/mute system. Bans & mutes in the system are enforced across all servers, public & private.

Chicago, USA [✓]
Server types available: KZ, Surf, Bhop, Competitive
Current estimated setup time: 24hrs - 72hrs​

Pricing: $39.99/mo via PayPal subscription

PM me with any questions or if you wish to apply for a server!

And for the fine print:
Terms of Service: I reserve the right to cancel & refund any leftover time on a private server,...
  • Updated server message plugin, better performance and more features
  • Added maps to 1v1 Arenas (need feedback on these):
    • am_mario_0_0_2
    • Added am_overpass_24_r1_1
  • Several surf_sky_ages fixes
    • Fixed issue on stage 3 where overlapping triggers caused you to hit the ceiling too quickly
    • Removed variable doors on stage 3
    • Rotating slats on stage 3 are now static for less RNG
Announced giveaway winner here.
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