New Profile Posts

  1. yaboinasxar
  2. Land
    Land sneaK
    wait are you actually a doggo?
  3. soul 魂
    soul 魂 sneaK
    Hey man i know this isn't really the right place i just couldn't find out how to appeal a ban but i just want to say i got banned a long time ago and i actually forget the reason why. My friends keep telling me to get on and it always hurts me seeing that i'm banned every time i try to join. id like to talk about this ty.
  4. dzhokhar
  5. fish
    fish zackattackk6
    my name is fish
  6. Uexi
    Bryen is not good for this bhopping community and he needs to be removed. :)
  7. ReaganLB
  8. kergan
    yeah aight
  9. ✪ Blaz3rr
    ✪ Blaz3rr
    ONLINE- and trying to always get better :D
  10. Scrappy
    my IGN is bren, im that dood on beginner surf all of the time
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