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    Moderator Application - Call Me Jim

    +1 jim is nice and helps at animal shelters and helps at foster homes, that's how he found me ;)
  2. noah i guess

    Moderator Application - Call Me Jim

    shut the fuck up kid ur sooooooo fuckin toxic go smoke a cig to cooldown zzz
  3. noah i guess

    Moderator Application - Tohru 徹

    +1 chill and willing to help others get through maps and has good communication
  4. noah i guess

    oh dude fuck yes!

    oh dude fuck yes!
  5. noah i guess

    Denied Moderator, Administrator Application - NOAHHHH8

    In-Game Name: NOAHHHH8 Age: 16 Position(s) you are applying for: Moderator, Administrator Estimated hours per week on our servers: 20-29 Server(s) you primarily play on: surf and sneak servers Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums, Discord)?: No Would you...
  6. noah i guess

    happy borth day

    happy borth day

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