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    eldritch v2

    @aha where is it...
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    Movie Night?!

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    kind of gay if you think abut it

    kind of gay if you think abut it
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    Denied Moderator Application - beary

    i love you
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    Accepted Events Team, Other Application - PistolPrincess

    doesn't have me added on snapchat so that will be a -1 from both yuki and i
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    Sneak's 5v5 Tournament!

    i will have sex with whichever team wins
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    Accepted/Completed Minecraft Server Poll

    @yuki whats up
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    Moderator Application - Sheam

    +1 takes stu bonus recs so hes prettyy cool!
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    Server Update - 3/20/19

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    2018 In Review

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    Denied Moderator, Administrator Application - Parrino

    In-Game Name: Parrino Age: 17 Position(s) you are applying for: Moderator, Administrator Estimated hours per week on our servers: 20-29 Server(s) you primarily play on: Easy surf, advanced surf, top 100 Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums, Discord)?: Yes...
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    Server Update - 1/30/19


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