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    Accepted Staff Application - PossiblyNipsy

    +1 would be a fine addition to staff
  2. pbjpie

    The IRS is here to tell you to file your taxes!

    welcome! always good to see more IT in sneak's :) Our discord is incredibly active and I highly recommend joining to interface more with the community. It can be found here.
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    Accepted Staff Application - Kuiq

  4. pbjpie

    Accepted Staff Application - SolarEclipz

    Don't have time to read it all, but from personal experience with interacting with SolarEclipz I can vouch for his character. Maintains a levelhead and a sense of cordiality with ease.
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    Accepted Staff Application - Lifeline<3

    had me at 'events team'
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    Accepted Staff Application - Kuiq

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    Accepted Staff Application - whoobie

    As Toasty said, prior situations lead to a level of discrepancy in the Admin team when talks of new staff came to pass. However, I have also seen you grow exponentially in terms of character and integrity; consequently, I think you're a fine fit for the team. 👍
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    Denied Staff Application - FadedFrank

    Given how close the timeframe is from posting this application to posting your previous application, I'm deferring any of my comments on this until a later date. I think a few weeks isn't enough time to turnaround a decision just yet, but exemplary behavior is always recognized on-server 👍.
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    Denied Staff Application - mask

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    Happy New Year!

    1 hour left OWO
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    Denied Staff Application - "Flamez :3"

    Based on the overwhelmingly negative response to this application, I am going to deny it. If your behavior changes, this may be something we can revisit in the future.
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    Denied Staff Application - "Flamez :3"

    From my experience with you, none of this is true. If you really want to join staff, it helps to be an upstanding community member.
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    Denied Staff Application - Stewart

    huge no from me as well for reasons already specified in the thread

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