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    Request map_request_final_fix

    add surf_stick pls :) relly good map :) ty :)
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    Request pls add !bugreport

    u could make it for a select amount of well known individuals not just vips that would send it to a discord channel that only sneak has access to or somehow make it go to a bugreports page on forums
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    Request A command that disables and re-enables bot

    would be nice to fixbot without having to @ an afk administrator everytime a bot is broke or showing old/wrong record : )
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    happy crimas

    i selerbrate kwanza u guys r so rasisms its not even funny
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    Last person who posts wins

    im gonna sperm
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    Server Update - 1/12/20

    how do i dislike a players comment on forums
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    Request pls add !bugreport

    pls add !bugreport to servers so lazy asses wont have to go on forums thx
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    chikcen names

    im getting new chickins around feb-mar and would like seeing what names yall can think of this is the kind im get :
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    No Change/Rejected bhop top 50

    give bhop top 50 server k thx
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    Moderator Application - drupoo

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    Request map_request_final_fix

    add more maps :mad:(
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    Sneak's Movie Night :)

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    Server Update - 11/19/19

  14. snc

    Server Update - 11/8/19

    bruh moment

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