Ban Appeal Template

Ban appeal format, required for every appeal.

Formatting of post:
Thread title: In-game name - STEAMID

Listed Reason for ban:

Why I should be unbanned:

  • Ban appeals without the following proper formatting will simply get ignored or denied.
  • Do not add or message admins regarding bans.
  • Excuses as to why you were banned are generally frowned upon, owning up to why you were banned is generally best practice.
  • "It was just a joke" - then so is your appeal.
  • Duplicate account bans will remain unless there you have indesputible evidence that this is not you. "Oh it was my brother/sister/friend/dog/grandma" doesn't cut it as an excuse.

Last amended 7/30/17

How to get your Steam ID (2 methods):

  • Go to our bans page, find your ban, and look for your Steam ID.
  • Go to SteamRep, search by your custom URL, or login to their site via steam.

Format of Steam ID is: STEAM_X:0:XXXXXXXXX (STEAM_1 or STEAM_0 doesn't matter, either or)

Regarding Anti-Cheat Bans:

If you believe your anti-cheat ban is a mistake or a false positive, feel free to skip reading this, and go right ahead and make an appeal. Please include any/all information/proof in your appeal. Note that it is very easy to double check and see if you were cheating - lying about an anti-cheat ban will result in a permanent expulsion from our servers and community.

As of 3/31/17, we are now entertaining anti-cheat ban appeals. In the past, any cheat ban was permanent with no chance of appeal getting accepted. While I do not take cheating in our servers lightly whatsoever, I've come to realize that people do make mistakes, and can learn from them. This does not a guarantee that players who have been convicted of cheating will be un-banned.

Requirements for a cheat ban appeal:

  • Minimum 6 months since initial ban
  • Must have a Steam account that is in good standing for at least 1 year
  • Must include an in-depth explanation of exactly what you did to get banned, and why you won't do it again
  • A list of all steam accounts owned (any attempt to hide other accounts that have connected to our servers will be found, and will result in an instant denial of appeal)
  • No history of attempted ban evasion
If you understand all of the above, meet the requirements, and wish to appeal, head on over to the Ban Appeal Format post and feel free to make an appeal.
Sep 26, 2017
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