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  1. Kuiq

    4/20 blaze it minigames!

    Hi Everyone! The Events Team is back with another event and we’re taking it back to the good ole MINI-GAMES! This event will take place on (4/20) Monday, April 20th @ 7pm EST. You can find the server HERE or join with this ip ( Please note that all our community rules...
  2. Kuiq

    Minecraft Server is Live!

    The Minecraft server is live and ready to go! The server is Whitelist only and running the FTB Infinity Evolved mod-pack. For more information on how to install Infinity Evolved and join the server go here. You can find the server IP in the linked page above or on the Servers tab above. if you...
  3. Kuiq

    Minecraft Server Information

    Installing FTB Infinity Evolved and Joining the server Server is currently Whitelist only (If you were previously Whitelisted you don't need to request to be Whitelisted again) IP: go to the #minecraft channel in Discord and read the pinned messages on how to join. MAKE SURE YOU...
  4. Kuiq

    Request Custom sounds

    Adding custom sounds as possible store option
  5. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed sinsane2

    make end zone a little more friendly :)
  6. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed surf_s_t_a_t_i_o_n

    Could use a brightness touch up
  7. Kuiq

    Accepted Moderator Application - Kuiq

    In-Game Name: Kuiq Age: 18 (19 in 5 days) Position(s) you are applying for: Moderator Estimated hours per week on our servers: 20-29 Server(s) you primarily play on: All of the surf servers and occasionally kz Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums, Discord)...
  8. Kuiq

    No Change/Rejected surf_chateau :ANGERY:

    pls fix
  9. Kuiq

    No Change/Rejected Current Map Time inside the profile doesn't work

    I knew about this for awhile don't remember if I ever mentioned it so I'm posting it on the forum just in case :)
  10. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed voteforthisone

    tp angles psyco is lazy so idk which stages
  11. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed quantum spawn Don't know how to recreate but others were stuck as well :CoolStoryBob:
  12. Kuiq

    No Change/Rejected surf_whoknows2

    remove maxvel from map, retarded with it and record isn't maxvel so something prob broke. luv u edit: LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE
  13. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed acp stage angles

  14. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed pls fix

    lmao [s5 beginner]
  15. Kuiq

    Request Report times here

    Jenocide stage 1 can be super boosted for stage record *I may or may not have accidentally super boosted s1 record*
  16. Kuiq

    It's my birthday bitches

  17. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed Last stage of surf_meme

    You spawn facing backwards.
  18. Kuiq


  19. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed Ranking?

    Typing !rank and clicking view online doesn't seem to work (Don't know if its on my end or not)
  20. Kuiq

    Accepted/Completed Fix stage spawn positions for surf_noble_csgo

    If I remember correctly, s2 and s3 you spawn backwards FeelsBackwardsMan

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