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  1. mask

    Request surf_corner shitty zoning

    on s3 and s 6 u have to drop in the floor but the triggers are super fucking high and makes it so annoying and also idk if u can fiz this but s6 platform is so high that ur head touches the skybox so u cant jump
  2. mask

    Request Report times here

    bonus 5 on forgeotton id say top 4 +stew time is all double boost but i know sterw double boosted he told me
  3. mask

    Accepted/Completed Blueberry >:(

    So blueberry beat a map 2 days ago gets 100 000 points and is now rank 27 and he doesnt get on often so it wont reset soon so can we get an early point refresh ? Thx mr sneak
  4. mask

    Are you guys proud of what you've accomplished for your age?

    imn lerning see you sdoon AUZZIT !
  5. mask

    Are you guys proud of what you've accomplished for your age?

    17 and a fill time suyrefer gang GANG !!!!! part time worker FUKL TIME SURFER KLESTI GO
  6. mask

    I am cups, the fake trofflecopter

    i tought u were trogfle coptter and i waas vwery happy but now i dont know what to think im stoll happu that we have antinher good surfer amionfe nour ranks hWLLO ~~!!!!!!
  7. mask

    Server Update - 1/5/21

    thx god finnaly a minigame server
  8. mask

    Request Report times here

    pretty sure i lagged how2surf s1
  9. mask

    Request map_request_final_fix

    rooftopv2 is actually good i played it on gfl
  10. mask

    Request Report times here

    surf_exurbia2_csgo b1 rank 1 time superboosted
  11. mask

    Request Report times here

    summer s1 rank 1 is lagged get 600 pre
  12. mask

    Request Report times here

    syris‎ : can u ask him to delete the first time on s1 surf_tranquility and stage 4 on hades2?
  13. mask

    No Change/Rejected Minigame

    Sneak why are u waisting money on a dead ass minigame server that has 0 connection in the past 10 months? Well I have a suggestion! Top 100/vip #2 ???????????
  14. mask

    Denied Staff Application - "Flamez :3"

    Also if i remember correctly ur kinda not nice with ladies playing video games
  15. mask

    Denied Staff Application - "Flamez :3"

    Lmao -1
  16. mask

    Request map_request_final_fix

    Are all the new ksf contest map are being added or just the winner?
  17. mask

    Request Report times here

    surf_trapped2 bonus 1 is superboosted
  18. mask

    Request Report times here

    forgotten_fix top time hits a doubleboost that is fixed on the map

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