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    Accepted/Completed Another Minecraft Poll?

    Before we get the minecraft server up and running for everyone, we would like the communities input. Should we allow raiding in the server(stealing peoples stuff) or not?
  4. kyle

    5v5 Sign Ups

    5v5 Test Tournament Sign-Ups The tournament will be held on Sunday, June 23 starting at 2:00PM CST Sign-ups are now open! You may now sign up your team here. Maximum 8 teams for this tournament, first come, first serve. No-shows may jeopardize your ability to compete in future events. Account...
  5. kyle

    Sneak's 5v5 Tournament!

    Sneak's Events Team is looking to set up a 5v5 competitive tournament. The tournament will happen Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16. Edit: Date will be changed to the weekend after because of fathers day, so the event will start at Sunday June 23rd @ 2pm CST! How To Enter Signups and more...
  6. kyle

    Accepted/Completed Minecraft Server Poll

    :PunchTrees: There has been talk of people wanting the Minecraft server back up, so I am going to try to help sneaK get it up and running again. In the poll vote for mode you would rather play, I will be taking votes for a week. :PunchTrees: Edit: a point made by Auzzie, I get people will vote...
  7. kyle

    Accepted Moderator, Events Team Application - kyle

    In-Game Name: kyle Age: 18 Position(s) you are applying for: Moderator, Events Team Estimated hours per week on our servers: 20-29 Server(s) you primarily play on: I am usually on the beginner or easy surf servers. Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums...
  8. kyle

    Accepted/Completed 5v5 server tournament?

    All this talk recently about a 1v1 tournament or a game night has got me thinking. Would it be possible to do a tournament for 5v5's? People could make their teams with friends or random people on the servers Or do you think there wouldn't be enough people interested in doing something like...
  9. kyle


    Im not really new, first log was october 22, 2015. But what's up gamers?

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