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  1. solareclipz


    Welcome Jon, I myself used to also play an unhealthy amount of retakes a few years back. Though, now, I moved to an unhealthy amount of surf. Enjoy!
  2. solareclipz

    Request update gradient to new version

    I second this. Was in advanced server last night on dragon, and a few others also mentioned having it upgraded to newest version. (Topic was brought on by surf_dragons trolly bonus. 🤣)
  3. solareclipz

    Request New surfers RTVing in Advanced

    This is a complaint I have as well. Not even from lower ranked players. They come in rtv then leave. Or they come in rtv it switches to the map they want then leave. I witness this quite often, and partly why I decided to get vip and play with the big boys. Which his hit or miss because I know...
  4. solareclipz

    Accepted/Completed laser the hole on ardon b4

    I agree. if mask didn't mark it, there is no way I would have been able to get it. I ended up watching the bot a bunch of times trying to figure out where the opening was. It wasn't until like 15+ tries after it being marked that I could finally see the small opening.
  5. solareclipz

    Request Suggestion - Implementing a Tier 3-4 Surf Server

    I kind of like this idea. I know I have seen a few other communities add a more "mid tier" server for surf. This is actually quite nice. As someone who struggled for a LONG TIME surfing, having a mid tier server would have been a nice stepping stone from 1/2, to 3/4, rather than getting a mix of...
  6. solareclipz

    Help Wanted Randomize type of knife each round

    Update: Ok, so I didn't get a chance to look at this over the weekend; however, I am kinda looking at it now. When searching the issue tracker for random, I see someone created a repo that has the option to random knife. Now, im not super familiar with (like at all) with Sourcepwn, nor am I...
  7. solareclipz

    No Change/Rejected surf_clujreek b3 Timer Issues

    Cool cool, nvm then. My bad, I guess you can close this.
  8. solareclipz

    Staff Application - FadedFrank

    if I may interject here. (Delete other wise) It’s not the matter of the incident (between you and gold) that is at question. It’s more the time that has passed since the previous application was submitted. Which, has been, one month. My best advice, keep doing what you’re doing (if things are...
  9. solareclipz

    No Change/Rejected surf_clujreek b3 Timer Issues

    Really? I have never seen this before. I guess it would be possible, considering sometimes I load in and get other peoples PB and have to console retry.
  10. solareclipz

    No Change/Rejected surf_clujreek b3 Timer Issues

    Hello! Not sure if you're aware, but B3 on surf_clujreek is improperly reporting start speed, PB start speed, and SR speed. Images are quite large (1440p) But they are direct Steam URL links. Image One. Mainly just shows that SR is + my exact start speed each time. As, its in the DB as 0 for...
  11. solareclipz

    Last person who posts wins

  12. solareclipz

    Do I gotta introduce myself fr?

    What is this The Magicians? Also, welcome Peney
  13. solareclipz

    Request Top 150 retakes server?

    I 100% would have supported this when I used to play retakes. But the issue does come up, if there is not people playing on it, people won’t play. But in fairness, I feel like it would solve the issue(not sure of it still exists like it did before) of people just joining to join and not give a...
  14. solareclipz

    Help Wanted Randomize type of knife each round

    I might look into this, this weekend. Doing random is pretty simple, but I have never worked with source. So, famous last words “should be semi easy”, and a decent intro into it.
  15. solareclipz

    Last person who posts wins

    Wait, you’re telling me I still haven’t won yet? What the hell.
  16. solareclipz

    Fayse's amazing camera quality

    Bro my $20 logitech 720p camera be better quality than that. How old is that camera? phone rings "Hello...." Yeah, Fayse, 1999 called, they want their webcam back.
  17. solareclipz

    What is your favorite food and beverage?

    Ill have to go with Italian food as my favorite over all. But if I had to pick just ONE item.... Steak. For drinks, its a tossup between mtn dew and flavored water.
  18. solareclipz

    Classic Offensive [& Other CSGO Conversion Mods]

    I actually forgot about this mod. I followed it years back and was pretty hyped for it, but, like i said I forgot about it. Kind of figured this would happen (at least it would get played for a while then die.) That sort of thing always happened during the later years of 1.6 (when css was out)...
  19. solareclipz

    Last person who posts wins

    Same bruh.
  20. solareclipz

    One Word Story


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