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  1. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed surf_serenity2

    Bonus 5 is missing a wall on the left side of spins so you can skip straight to the end.
  2. Auzzie

    One Word Story

  3. Auzzie

    Are you guys proud of what you've accomplished for your age?

    full time surfer and still can't ADAD triangles correctly
  4. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed surf_leesriize bhop skip

    Pro gamer moves should maybe be patched.
  5. Auzzie

    Request Custom Checkpoint or bonus Checkpoint

    Cmon man, the technology just isn't there yet. 2025 is the year
  6. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

    Yes it is. I am +1 second or something on his cp1 which is literally like 3 ramps. I am only .18 because I make up that huge time throughout the run because his was bad. I can BARELY beat it if I keep trying, which I was trying to do, but seems like a waste of time on a superboosted run.
  7. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

    surf_hopi_easy mr dragon rec. no bot to prove it of course, but from my time going for the map rec and surf knowledge it has to be unless we got some noclip walls which I doubt
  8. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed surf_stitched

    huh, seems to not do it when trying it now, fuck if I know why, and ye posted this a bit after u fixed then, just map was still on the same rotation before the fix on top I guess.
  9. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed surf_stitched

    Stage 2 speed boost at start is broken when you enter the stage from s1 and when u fail the stage if you fail with any speed. Found that if you S drop before getting reset it works perfectly everytime. Pretty sure its an easy fix by just making the triggers to the s2 destination automatically...
  10. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed surf_sequoia

    bonus 3 boost is just double boosted to 3500, and the WHOLE bonus u are 3500 meaning it's already capped out unless lagged by snc. Make it a once only boost so its the default 2800, times would at least somewhat spread with that. (yes i cheated im so sorry sir)
  11. Auzzie

    Request my maps :)

    crazy, don't remember asking for your opinion
  12. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

    not start no, there are lots of boosts, it's like the third one i believe? The one where you fall down that tiny hole onto the platform, where dragon did it on his run too.
  13. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

  14. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed A command that disables and re-enables bot

    It definitely has multiple times, even if it isn't every single time, it'd still be nice to have for the chance it fixes it, or even just any other random bot issue; Like you happen to reset to a different bot upon deleting a cheated time while a map is in play, rare, but it has and does happen...
  15. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

    b2 on surf_nyze and most likely some kind of cheat on b7 on surf_hotwheels (I'll edit to confirm if I can check before you do)
  16. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

    surf_queen_of_the_ween rank 1 by drag smh
  17. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed A command that disables and re-enables bot

    Can happen often that a bot just doesn't play anything no matter what you click, it being reset by disabling and re-enabling usually fixes it, so maybe some 1 time use per map command to do that. (!fixbot or something, and 1 time use per map so it isn't abused by idiots). Or just some other way...
  18. Auzzie

    Request Report times here

    surf_minecraft_2020 s2 superboosted :rolleyes:
  19. Auzzie

    Accepted/Completed surf_derpis_h

    Add lasers to s6 triggers like on the original derpis

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