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  1. solareclipz

    No Change/Rejected surf_clujreek b3 Timer Issues

    Hello! Not sure if you're aware, but B3 on surf_clujreek is improperly reporting start speed, PB start speed, and SR speed. Images are quite large (1440p) But they are direct Steam URL links. Image One. Mainly just shows that SR is + my exact start speed each time. As, its in the DB as 0 for...
  2. solareclipz

    My Intro

    So, I joined a few years ago, but never did an introduction... So here is that introduction. I've been playing CS since steam came out on various online/lan teams with various skills over the years (yes, I am old). I won a cs:source lan during my first week of playing source, but never played...
  3. solareclipz

    Accepted/Completed Malicious Ad's

    Not sure if you are aware or not, however one of your ad's is causing a problem. I never encountered this on your servers before until today. I have read these ad's can really screw up peoples PC's so I figured I'd at least let y'all know. If you need anything else let me know Edit...

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