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    surf_crzyfrog_reloaded_refix s2
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    Bug surf_happyhug s15 glitch

    Next time ill try to rec but both obs and shadow play aren’t working for me rn. For me it looks like i am glitched in the floor and moving up and down quickly. When i press space i start hovering, but when i do !tp i can see I’m still in the floor
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    Bug surf_happyhug s15 glitch

    The same bug I made a forum post about happens again on s11 this time, i am on the advanced server and i cannot jump
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    Bug surf_happyhug s15 glitch

    I was on advanced surf
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    Bug surf_happyhug s15 glitch

    I was playing surf_happyhug today and when i beat s14 and transferred into 15 i spawned in stuck in the floor. Dying, doing !Back, going into spec and doing !Back didn’t fix it. It made it so i couldn’t jump. In s15 you need to jump to get the start boost so it makes the level impossible.

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