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  1. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

    Lol ez
  2. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

  3. sneaK

    Forklift Certification

    I'm sorry sir but you are no longer qualified to operate a forklift from the looks of things
  4. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

  5. sneaK


    Is it actually unhealthy if you enjoy it? Welcome!!
  6. sneaK


    Welcome!! Even if you're not getting top records, completions can be just as fun :D
  7. sneaK

    Request Report times here

    Removed S9 R1 was super'd, R2 does not appear to be. S18 Top 6 were super'd Removed Removed, thank you Removed Removed
  8. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

  9. sneaK


    Hello and welcome to the forums, hope to see you around more! 🙂
  10. sneaK

    Server Update - 5/7/21

    Update round-up is here! Last month was not posted so this will be quite thick with content. Updates are always posted in our Discord as they happen, round-ups are posted here on the website. Surf Added new maps: surf_29palms (T4 Staged) surf_boreas (T1 Linear) surf_crush2 (T6 Linear)...
  11. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed Can't DL map

    Oops, forgot to reply to this. This is due to a capitalization issue - almost every single map does not have capitals because of this reason. I went ahead and resolved the issue some time ago 👍
  12. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed surf_serenity2

    Added a trigger, removed times.
  13. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed Chat filter mistaking completely neutral sentence for racism

    This should be all fixed thanks to a very speedy @mbhound Changes will take effect by server restart tomorrow at latest. Thanks again for the report!
  14. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed Chat filter mistaking completely neutral sentence for racism

    All set! And just like that, you have a clean record 😆
  15. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed Chat filter mistaking completely neutral sentence for racism

    05/04/2021 14:35:25 Yakson (STEAM_1:1:104888547) what a....unique route 05/04/2021 14:35:30 Yakson (STEAM_1:1:104888547) what a unique route Weiiiird, good find! Thanks for reporting, we'll take a look and fix it up.
  16. sneaK

    Accepted Staff Application - whoobie

    Hang on
  17. sneaK

    Request Could I have a 1v1 map I made added to the rotation.

    Just went through it and everything looks good, only thing is can you rename the bsp to am_pleasant and send it on over? Renaming breaks cubemaps and a texture or 2 it seems. Also be sure to keep it below 150mb so CS:GO clients can decompress the map!
  18. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed laser the hole on ardon b4

    The problem is that either Valve removed a texture that this bonus utilized, or it was packed improperly when the fix version came out. I have uploaded surf_ardon_refix, and ported all map times/bots to the new version. This is how it looks now:
  19. sneaK

    Request map_request_final_fix

    As discussed on Discord, the map has several glaring issues and will not be added unless they are fixed.
  20. sneaK

    Request New surfers RTVing in Advanced

    Definitely interested in hearing more community feedback on this. It's something that has definitely been tossed around before, but has its pros and cons for both sides. I won't rehash what's above, but if we can find a happy medium that won't restrict or discourage new players (or skilled but...

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