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  1. sneaK

    Server Update - 11/26/21

    Hey everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We're holding a small Black Friday sale for 10% off all Store Credits and most VIP packages in the Donation Store, this will be live until Monday the 29th! Surf: Added new maps: surf_anubis (T6 Staged) surf_aquaflow (T2 Linear) surf_slob (T2...
  2. sneaK

    Server Update - 10/6/21

    Hey everyone, I hope you had a great summer! I haven't posted an update here in a few months, and I'm looking to make that more regular again. Prioritizing content has been key, and I will still post more regular additions in Discord, if you're not there yet (you should be). Well let's get this...
  3. sneaK

    Server Update - 5/7/21

    Update round-up is here! Last month was not posted so this will be quite thick with content. Updates are always posted in our Discord as they happen, round-ups are posted here on the website. Surf Added new maps: surf_29palms (T4 Staged) surf_boreas (T1 Linear) surf_crush2 (T6 Linear)...
  4. sneaK

    2020 In Review

    Another year, another heavily delayed annual recap! :P This year was a real special one - we celebrated our half decade anniversary. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think we would get to this size, for this long, and I continue to be humbled on a daily basis by the kindness and...
  5. sneaK

    Server Upate - 3/4/21

    New content from the past month through today, enjoy! Surf Added new maps: surf_8bit (T2) surf_arcade (T2) surf_boy_fixed (T2) surf_clujreek (T3) surf_gudrun (T3) surf_het (T1) surf_lockdown (T2) surf_lovhon (T2) surf_minigolf (T3) Took care of time reports KZ Added new global maps...
  6. sneaK

    Server Update - 2/3/21

    Hey all, I hope you have been enjoying the new year thus far and have been staying healthy and safe. A little recap of this past month's updates: Surf: Added new maps: surf_fiellu (T2) surf_limbo (T4) surf_polonia (T5) surf_runner (T1, also available on Beginner Surf) surf_tendies (T1)...
  7. sneaK

    Website Update - 1/5/21

    Quite a few updates/changes have happened web-side, so it was worthy of its own update post! Fixed intermittent 52X Cloudflare errors Improved page speed loading in certain scenarios Improved web security (TLS 1.2+ enforced) DB server stability issues around the 18th have been resolved - our...
  8. sneaK

    Server Update - 1/5/21

    Before we start off, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year! I hope this year brings you great joy, and success in all that you do. That being said, I want to apologize for being a bit behind on the web updates. Content additions (mainly maps) are mainly announced as they happen in our...
  9. sneaK

    DUELDOG Winter Classic

    sneaK added a new event: DUELDOG Winter Classic Read more about this event...
  10. sneaK

    Extra Life 24hr Charity Stream - November 14th-15th

    sneaK added a new event: Extra Life 24hr Charity Stream - November 14th-15th Read more about this event...
  11. sneaK

    Expansion and Partnership

    Happy Friday all, Ending off Anniversary Week, I wanted to let everyone know what I have been considering/working on for some time. With the entirety of our servers being based out of Chicago, we don't quite fully cover the US with ideal pings for everyone, and this has been a consistent, but...
  12. sneaK

    Cheers for 5 Years

    Howdy all, Here we are, at a major milestone in our community - We have turned 5 today! We have graduated from a small, few dozen players a day to a community of tens of thousands of players per day. Whenever someone asks me about the community, I always like to tell the story. This all started...
  13. sneaK

    Monthly VIP Giveaways

    Happy Monday, and happy Day 1 of Anniversary Week! For some time there has been discussion about how we can further reward our members for community participation, and just being here - it's so important. After some deliberation (and a wonderful idea from @Kuiq) we are happy to announce Monthly...
  14. sneaK

    Server Update - 10/12/20

    Big ol update post with something for everyone, enjoy! Surf Added new maps: surf_cannonball (Tier 4 Linear, 2 Bonuses) surf_frey2_go (Tier 3 Linear, 1 Bonus) surf_gradient (Tier 2 Linear) surf_mate (Tier 2 Linear, 5 Bonuses) surf_midsommar (Tier 3 Staged, 4 Bonuses) surf_secluded (Tier 4, 4...
  15. sneaK

    Server Update - 9/23/20

    Surf Added new maps: surf_celestial (T5 Linear, 3 Bonuses) surf_hotrod (T2 Linear, 2 Bonuses) surf_loweffort (T4 Staged, 1 Bonus) surf_replicant (T6 Staged, 1 Bonus) surf_sacrifice (T4 Staged, 1 Bonus) surf_salvation (T5 Linear, 2 Bonuses) A few Surf Timer updates: Added functionality, a...
  16. sneaK

    Server Update - 8/28/20

    Happy Friday all! We are actively recruiting for the Operations and Events teams! If you wish to actively help us behind the scenes and volunteer some time/expertise, feel free to head on over to the Staff Applications section. Here is the update round-up of the past month. Surf Added...
  17. sneaK

    Server Update - 7/30/20

    Bit of a content round-up from the month, I hope everyone is able to enjoy their summer as much as possible! Surf Added new maps: surf_feudal (Tier 5 Staged) surf_fungus (Tier 4 Linear) surf_premium (Tier 2 Staged) surf_sanctuary (Tier 1 Staged) surf_zoomathon (Tier 1 Linear) Small timer...
  18. sneaK

    Server Update - 6/30/20

    In case you haven't seen it yet, we are hosting a 1v1 Tournament with a crowd-funded prize pool! At the time of this post it is over $200, click here for more info: Surf Timer changes: Fixed an exploit with moving to spec while timer...
  19. sneaK

    Server Update - 6/7/20

    Happy June all, quick roundup of the past few weeks! Surf: Added new maps: surf_axil (Tier 4 Staged) surf_concretejungle (Tier 4 Staged) surf_luminaris (Tier 2 Staged) surf_vitun_rotta (Tier 3 Linear) KZ: Updated GOKZ to 2.9.0 (Release Notes) Updated KZTimer to 1.96 (Release notes) Fixed...
  20. sneaK

    Server Update - 5/16/20

    Added surf_hunty (Tier 4 Staged) Added surf_lovetunnel (Tier 1 Linear) Added surf_palais (Tier 2 Linear) Added surf_psychedelia (Tier 3 Linear) Added surf_theme (Tier 4 Staged) surf_rolly is now surf_rolly_fix (FPS improvements and a couple various fixes), times ported surf_arghmyeyes is now...

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