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  1. SkookS

    Accepted Staff Application - valuedkzed/.valuedķzed

    +1 he taught me how to mine XRP
  2. SkookS

    Are you guys proud of what you've accomplished for your age?

    Am I happy with what I have done at my age??? lets see 1. Wicked rank in sneaks (wicked btw)(top 20 on the server btw) 2. top 1% robinhood trader ($400,000 $SPY 420c exp 1/31/21) 3. self made millionaire by 20 (24 today btw) 4. 4:08 mile time but no im not happy with all of the things ive done
  3. SkookS

    A Few Recommendations From A Wicked Ranked Player (Wicked btw) (Please Read) (1100+ words btw)

    Hey Mandii! thank you so so so much for the insightful reply, with a registered GWAM of well over 200 this really only took about 4 minutes and 12.8753 seconds.
  4. SkookS

    A Few Recommendations From A Wicked Ranked Player (Wicked btw) (Please Read) (1100+ words btw)

    I have a few concerns about the integrity of the servers and the times associated with them. For starters I would like to have a few new rules in place to help protect the players and the server itself. I have countless hours on this server and would hate to see those hours lost due to...
  5. SkookS

    Request Report times here

    surf psycho_njv stage 2 I accidentally got a super boost and didnt realize until right before i finished plz remove it
  6. SkookS

    Request Report times here

    surf summer stage 4 super boosted by accident and beat sr by 0.24s
  7. SkookS

    Nish's first giveaway: Huntsman Sapphire

    literally my deam knife :) 341
  8. SkookS

    Denied Administrator Application - brad

    wow i wish i could give it more than a +1, see you in the admin discord
  9. SkookS



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