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  1. bigshovel

    Funny things you've heard on the servers

    cheers ill drink to that
  2. bigshovel

    Are you guys proud of what you've accomplished for your age?

    post-money, post-sex, post-job, proto-swagging i love my friends and try and make art as much as i can. gonna move to berlin. tryna be purely positive
  3. bigshovel

    Accepted Staff Application - PossiblyNipsy

    +bigup the mod massive
  4. bigshovel

    Bug Challenge Function

    More than half the time it does not freeze people as intended
  5. bigshovel

    Bug Challenge Function

    it was broken on surf_enlightned but now it's workin on other maps
  6. bigshovel

    Bug Challenge Function

    After some quick testing I'm finding that most times I do a challenge both parties are not locked in the starting position. You can just zoop on ahead before the countdown finishes! I love the feature and would love to see it work! Cheers!
  7. bigshovel

    Forklift Certification

    respect nice to have another brother
  8. bigshovel

    No Change/Rejected buggy noclip

    thanks guys makes sense now (not sarcasm)
  9. bigshovel

    No Change/Rejected buggy noclip

    when usin !nc command you get constantly get sent back to spawn and stutter aroudn with the fucking buzzer noise is it just me or am i restarted
  10. bigshovel

    stop singing

    stop singing
  11. bigshovel

    have you guys seen this video?

  12. bigshovel


    anyone here forklift certified
  13. bigshovel

    Forklift Certification

  14. bigshovel

    Forklift Certification

  15. bigshovel

    Forklift Certification

    Post your cert for eligibility for mod.

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