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  1. Mylifetogive

    Denied Administrator Application - Gender Studies Major

    seriously who are you???
  2. Mylifetogive

    Accepted Moderator, Administrator Application - Meta Moniker

    I've been waiting a long time for meta to put his hat in the ring. Solid choice. +1
  3. Mylifetogive

    Accepted Moderator, Administrator Application - Goldblosom

    Goldblosom would be an excellent fit for our team. I have seen her on the servers very often and not once has her conduct been anything but fantastic. She is a great community member and I personally think she cares about making the community better. Promote ahead of peers. +15
  4. Mylifetogive

    Denied Moderator Application - Plz go outside you no lifes

    I can see deleted and edited messages on the forums. My point stands.
  5. Mylifetogive

    map tools for kzstats page

    Borb big programmer man
  6. Mylifetogive

    Moderator Application - Sheam

    I've seen you around a few times and I can't say I've ever seen anything I didn't like. I know some of the other staff might have a more storied history with you but I'll +1 for now.
  7. Mylifetogive

    Denied Moderator Application - 8thLight

    Gotta agree with Storm here. -1
  8. Mylifetogive

    Denied Moderator Application - Plz go outside you no lifes

    Before the 'incident' last night I'm not sure I had seen you around (I'm an old man and go to bed early). Your attitude seems a bit worrisome especially for someone seeking to be a mod. Everyone is equal on the servers whether they've been playing for 1 day or more than a year. If someone was...
  9. Mylifetogive

    is a big surf boi

    is a big surf boi
  10. Mylifetogive

    Denied Moderator Application - Pickle Rick

    +1 really cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything, promote ahead of peers.
  11. Mylifetogive

    Accepted Moderator, Administrator Application - mbhound

    +1, haven't heard anything bad about you.
  12. Mylifetogive

    Denied Moderator Application - james-

  13. Mylifetogive

    Accepted Moderator Application - skytol

    Just like ... use calladmin?
  14. Mylifetogive

    Accepted Moderator Application - cork dog

    I don't know you, but Fayse gave you a +1 and you're not 12. Good luck. +1
  15. Mylifetogive

    Accepted/Completed Remove shitty non-global maps

    People "love" otaku room because they know people don't want to play it. It's a shit map with a shit skip that only one person at a time can use. I personally just leave any time its on. It's kind of like colors, people vote it as a "meme" but they're really just being assholes. Also it has...
  16. Mylifetogive

    Accepted/Completed Remove shitty non-global maps

    First two that I can think of off the top of my head is : Oatkuroom - shitty aids skip that only one person can do at once and everyone fights over. - non global DFT_wierdcastle - shitty aids skip - non global I'll try to think of more to add to this or create a new thread. Thanks
  17. Mylifetogive

    Denied Administrator Application - ^JP

    seems like a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything +1
  18. Mylifetogive

    Denied Moderator Application - beary

    -1, everything that I have seen from you reeks of drama and passive aggressiveness. I don't think you would be a good fit for the moderation team here. I'm pretty active and I think I've seen you in the surf servers once or twice over the past few weeks. Maybe you could look at getting VIP...
  19. Mylifetogive

    Accepted Events Team Application - james-

    Do you also play KZ?

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