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  1. sneaK

    Counter-Strike 2 is Here!

    Howdy everyone! As I'm sure most of you know, Counter-Strike 2 has been released. That being said, the CS:GO servers will remain online and playable. To do play on the servers: 1. Right click Counter-Strike 2 2. Select Properties... 3. Click the Betas tab 4. Under the Beta Participation...
  2. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

    Hol up
  3. sneaK

    Staff Application - Perry

    Oh hey sorry didn't see this - can you DM me your github? Just curious what you've been working on!
  4. sneaK


    Lower population servers still have AFK kicker as to not stop up votes!!
  5. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed surf_before bonus broken

    Fixed, thank you!
  6. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed aRPG Discord Channel

    Oh just saw this now but it's been created YEE
  7. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed zer0's showpos plugin in gokz

    This has been added to all KZ servers. Thanks!
  8. sneaK

    Request bhop_nira and bhop_mp_stairs

    Both start and end?
  9. sneaK

    Request Map Request: surf_santorini

    I usually wait a bit to add que's maps to be added simply because they often get updates after release, and do not generally see a new map name. This requires folks to go in and manually delete their map and redownload or face a map mismatch error. I can see this map still has some issues so...
  10. sneaK

    Accepted/Completed bhop_ahop_coast_csgo map request

    @mbhound is the one who adds bhop maps, hopefully he sees this ping pong
  11. sneaK

    Request Report times here

    buggarino pepperino deleted
  12. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

  13. sneaK

    Request Reserved Slots for T100/VIP on Normal Servers and/or Additional Server Capacity

    Tacking onto what @Kuiq said, unfortunately Valve's server browser doesn't take 'reserved slots' into account, hence the need to connect via console, but as a VIP you will always be able to connect to even a "full" server. I haven't seen the top/vip server at capacity in the past month...
  14. sneaK

    Bug kz_bhop_sakura crashing server

    Waiting on a new release of both KZTimer and GOKZ to fix the crash issue, unfortunately nothing I can do until that happens.
  15. sneaK

    Request Report times here

    Well that didn't take long...
  16. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

    lol page 700
  17. sneaK

    2022 In Review

    2022 recap, review, whatever you want to call it - it's here! ... you get the point. Nope, no year in review for 2021. Absolute bonkers year, I feel like it flew by. Sorry! Anyways, onto the stats: Skill Surf: In 2022, we had 95,173 unique players from 145 different countries. We had...

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