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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Cheesecakeツ, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Hello Sneak, we have met multiple times in the past but you have probably forgot me.
    I am looking to apply for admin for your 1v1 arena for multiple reasons, but allow me to introduce myself.
    My name is Brandon and in game it is Spooky Mongoose, I am 17 years old and just this is my last year in high school I am taking University classes and I am aware it isnt relevant to applying for admin but I mentioned it because I am a mature person who is intelligent. I want to apply for admin because I have been playing on your 1v1 server for over a year now, not only on my current account but on another as well.
    I really enjoy your server, I have over 100 hours and I practically know 75% of the community. A few reasons I want to apply for admin is because I know numerous amounts of toxic people, and my friends and I have some feedback on your server.
    I would say that I am pretty calm and collected person,(with a mic) I like to play cs for fun and ive been playing for the past 3 years, I do not really have time or patience with MM anymore so all I really play is your 1v1 arena. I have had years of experience as well as playing in high ranks such as dmg and that is important for depicting if somebody is cheating or not. I am currently ranked 13th in your server and I pretty much play every day, I am committed to be a mature admin and not abuse the rules.
    Another reason would be that the admins for the 1v1 server are not so active, so if you chose me as admin you could have a daily monitor for that server. I have a few suggestions/players I would like to report to you and I will report and bugs if possible. I can be an active participate in the forum community and I am mostly available.

    Thanks for taking the time to review my application.
    Regardless if you deny or accept it I am still grateful for you for making this server, I enjoy it a lot and I hope to continue to play it for long time.

    Sincerely, Spooky Mongoose

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