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Sep 8, 2018
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Listed reason for ban:
Constant Drama/Ban Evasion

Which server you were banned from:

Why you should be unbanned:
Yeah, so I believe i was falsly banned.

reasoning 1. - constant drama?
Can i please have a reasning to this please?

The only time i talk is when im spoken to, ive not caused any drama when all i do is sit in voice calls with friends and talk to them instead?!

Reasoning 2. - ban evasion?
uhhh... what? ban on what? if this is discord yall are mad :brainlet: i literally saw ady join the server in the leaderboard, and joined in on the talk and said AS A FUCKING JOKE MIND YOU, that im still in the discord!!! Like, who the fuck has time to maintain 2 accounts :resident sleeper: I have 1 acc for all my shit; steam, disc, everything else. I aint got time to be banned FALSELY as well. I aint do shit, yall just want me outta here imooooooo. hurts my heart :(

I honestly, swear on my whole families life, my education, my whole fucking life dude. I aint got no other account, i was fricking meming in the server. I dont have another acc to ban evade on. Honest to god, swear on my nans grave no acc, no evading, no drama. I havent done anything wrong, im not that kinda person.

Any other relevant information:
yeha lift ban thanks : )

I confirm I have read the appeal template, and all of the above information is truthfully accurate.

Ady [Wheezy]

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Jun 10, 2017
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For the first reason, since I remember you being in the server you've actively tried to start shit with people to get reactions. That being said you were trying to rile people up while I was on the server and talking about how you were banned from the discord and low key continuing that drama.

Regardless of all of that you were not joking at all and acted surprised as soon as I mentioned your name. Then as soon as I mentioned you could face a ban for what you've done, aka bragging about having an alt account in the discord, you switched up and said I would be "abusing my admin." Not once did you try to say you were joking at all, so trying to use that as an excuse is laughable.

At the end of the day I decided to go for a 3 month ban to prove a point. You've gone too far with the constant drama and borderline attention seeking tendencies. I hope that when you come back from your 3 month ban you'll be reformed.

Ban appeal denied.

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