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Discussion in 'Completed' started by yungbreeza, Nov 30, 2019 at 9:56 PM.

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    In-Game Name:

    Steam ID:

    Listed reason for ban:
    Voice/Chat Spam

    Which server you were banned from:
    Easy Surf

    Why you should be unbanned:
    I have been on sneak's servers since 2017. I am a huge attribute to the community, bringing my own flavor to Easy and Beginner surf. I have been muted multiple times, many were justified, however I have recently been targeted by some of the staff. I was on the server for less than 10 minutes when I was banned on 11/30/19 at aprox 7:46 PM PST. As soon as I greeted my peers in the server, I was bombarded by words of anger by my main man Kyle. He claimed not to be an admin or mod, but he had 'heard the admins' talking about banning me. I said "ok then" and sipped on my delicious diet coca cola. I was then banned by Kyle who had not identified himself as a mod or admin. Alabama Code § 15-5-30 states that police need to identify themselves when questioned by citizens. I was banned unjustly. Free Breeza until Breeza Free. Thankyou #FreeYatta #FreeBreeza #FreeYogi #FucKamalaHarris

    Any other relevant information:
    i am sorry

    I confirm I have read the appeal template, and all of the above information is truthfully accurate.
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    You connected 4 times in 2017, then reappeared in September of this year, where you racked up 15 mutes and now a ban in the span of 2 months. Nice.


    *all were justified

    Nope. You're just really annoying and start shit with people for no reason.

    Good thing we're not in Alabama. The server is located in Chicago, and state laws don't apply to surf servers on CSGO.

    You're constantly micspamming and being annoying on the server. Being muted 15 times in 2 months of activity is absolutely unacceptable, and you're lucky the ban was only 3 days. Maybe refresh your memory of our server rules while you have some time to think about your ban.


    Fayse edit: Due to your extremely childish behavior on the forums and discord, I'm extending your ban from 3 days to a week. Hopefully this gets the point across that the way you act isn't acceptable in our community.
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