Denied bryan's kz administrator application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by brayn, Dec 2, 2018.

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    My in game name is bryan and I am 20 years old, here is a link to my steam profile.

    Here is a little about me.
    I have been a kz player for a little less than a year now and in that time have accumulated around 2,500 hours playing kz. The first 2,000, at least, is on the sneaK's kz server. I am currently taking a college classes but spend my free time playing kz. If I had to put a number on it, I would say I log 120 hours a week in kz, and I would also say that 100 of those are on the sneaK's kz server. With this being said, It should be obvious that I play mainly on sneaK's kz server.

    In my words I would say that a server administrator is the oil that makes the server run as smooth as possible. My idea of a good administrator is one who enforces the rules as needed, but is also a friend of the community. I believe the responsibilities of an administrator consist of keeping mic spam, hate speech, and general toxicity to a minimum. I want to be an administrator on sneaK's kz server because I believe that I could be a positive influence and change on the community as whole while fulfilling the responsibilities previously listed.

    I believe you should choose me for an administration for the following reasons:
    • I have at least 2000 hours on sneaK's kz server, I know the ins and outs of kz pretty damn well and will be able to use that experience to differentiate between cheaters and skilled players.
    • I am a level headed person and I believe this will suit an administrator position very well.
    • I do not plan on straying from sneaK's community, or kz, in the near future. Because of this I believe I am a worthwhile investment as community administrator.

    The only other relevant information that I can think of is that as well as kz, I am passionate about mapping and developing sourcemod plugins. Both of these are relatively new endeavors but hope to become better with them over time.

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    Mar 23, 2018
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    I think Bryan would be a great fit in our administrator team. He is a pretty laid back guy that gets along with pretty much everyone. He also has a kick ass kz stream where he flaunts his masochistic tendencies.


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