Cheers for 5 Years

Howdy all, šŸ¤ 

Here we are, at a major milestone in our community - We have turned 5 today! We have graduated from a small, few dozen players a day to a community of tens of thousands of players per day. Whenever someone asks me about the community, I always like to tell the story. This all started out as a small interest geared towards a group of friends and a few others. Within no time at all, popularity took off - and so did demand. Demand for new content, demand for more servers, demand for more services. While we have grown in size, I am so happy to see how tight-knit we all still are, just as if it was 5 years ago.

This all could not be possible without YOU. Yes, you reading this. Without your participation, without your support, we would not still be here today. We have overcome so many hurdles and obstacles and are still standing strong, and getting stronger by the day.

On a personal note, it is incredible that well over a million unique players have come through and (hopefully) enjoyed their time spent here. Seeing new friendships that have been made, old friendships that have been re-kindled, and individuals from all walks of life join us has been extremely humbling, and I thank each and every single one of you for it.

That being said, we want to make the most of this week! You can view more details of this week's events on our Events Calendar.

For the duration of Anniversary Week, we have the following perks for you:
  • 10% off all donation packages (excl. lifetime & recurring) with code 5YEARS
  • A brand new in-game logo spray in the Store
  • Each day an event or major announcement will be made, check our calendar
Monday 10/19:
Tuesday 10/20:
Wednesday 10/21:
Thursday 10/22:
Friday 10/23:

Make sure to join us on Discord!
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