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Discussion in 'Completed' started by CODΞ, May 15, 2019.

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    In-Game Name:

    Steam ID:

    Listed reason for ban:
    said the country "Niger"

    Which server you were banned from:
    Sneak retakes

    Why you should be unbanned:
    because I was only saying the name of a country and didn't think it was so serious and would be taken as the "n word" I sincerely apologize and it won't happen again, it was immature of me.

    Any other relevant information:
    It's been quite a while since I've been banned n I think i've learnt my lesson

    I confirm I have read the appeal template, and all of the above information is truthfully accurate.
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  2. sneaK

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    We're not stupid. You were using it as a euphemism for a racist word.
    [Retakes #2] 2019-04-11 20:59:27 (STEAM_1:0:89621004) CODΞ dough boi a niger
    [Retakes #2] 2019-04-11 21:00:09 (STEAM_1:0:89621004) CODΞ nai-ger
    [Retakes #2] 2019-04-11 21:00:17 (STEAM_1:0:89621004) CODΞ nai-jer
    [Retakes #2] 2019-04-11 21:00:34 (STEAM_1:0:89621004) CODΞ NIGER
    [Retakes #2] 2019-04-11 21:02:21 (STEAM_1:0:89621004) CODΞ stfu niger
    [Retakes #2] 2019-04-11 21:04:37 (STEAM_1:0:89621004) CODΞ niger
    You certainly weren't intending to call this person a country.

    That being said, your permanent ban was not just for racism - your constant toxicity while in our community spaces is unacceptable. You flame people for being bad at the game, when you yourself had a horrendously low k/d of 0.64 overall. After your first temp ban by one of our admins, you joined discord flaming and mass-pinging. After your final, and permanent ban, you attempted to evade on 2 different accounts, unsuccessfully.

    Absolutely denied. Your attitude is not welcome in our community.
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