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Apr 4, 2019
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I was only asking questions to prevent a mute that I had received since I was talking about political views. Which doesn't violate the terms. Once I was unmuted after 20 mins I continued to ask questions with no answer. I then was banned for a week for asking why another person wasn't muted for actually doing something that violates the terms on the server.

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I think political talk and religion should be a part of the rules if admins are aloud to ban others for talking about what doesn't align with their views.

I confirm I have read the appeal template, and all of the above information is truthfully accurate.
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Jun 6, 2017
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I honestly have no idea why you're so confrontational with everyone on the server. 99% of the people on the server join to relax and have fun, talk to some other people about light topics like the what happened during their day or venting their frustrations with their current situations. Every single time, without fail, that I see you on the server, it's an argument. You're either making fun of someone about their political beliefs, their pay, their age, etc.

There isn't a written, expressed rule about politics on the server, but our first rule is to be mindful of everyone's experience on the server. You agreed yourself yesterday on discord that almost every political debate that happens on the server devolves into screaming and mudslinging. Why would I want that on the server that I'm an admin on? Preventing something from happening is much easier than cleaning up the mess that it makes when I let it go on for too long. Everyone was ready to drop the political talk except you and one other person, who was also muted later.

Also, since I can see your edit history, I don't just dislike political talk when it goes against my personal views. I don't give a shit what side you're on, I don't want it on the server. Nothing good has ever come from a political argument on a surf server. If you love arguing that much, join a debate team and be productive about it. Getting on a csgo server to make fun of a 16 year old kid taking AP classes that thinks they're gonna be able to do something great with their life, while telling them they're an idiot and "probably going to vote democrat" isn't going to make anyone's day better. Then repeatedly bringing back topics that I had told you at least 3 times to stop talking about.

As for the person who was "breaking the rules" and didn't get muted, he was asking if there was an admin on so he could ask a question. Rule 5 is specifically for when an admin joins under cover, be it with a different name/picture. Asking if there's an admin on isn't a mutable or bannable offense. I also don't have to reveal myself if someone asks if there's an admin on. Most of the time it's someone who wants to be a racist/mic spam when I'm not looking.

Denied. Everything is a fight to you. Relax a little.

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