Fayse x Favs: Double F

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Will Fayse get a bigger cock, or will he be hung like a Minion forever?

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  4. i'm 12 and what is this?

  5. Why isn't Otter banned yet? He mic spams, forum spams, trolls, harasses, is permanently muted, etc.

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    Fayse was a small man, very small in stature and small in his "size." He was acutely aware of these things, and it made him uncomfortable to a degree he was never able to fully express.

    That is, until he met Favs. He was like a legend, untouchable by mere mortals. Favs, being a record holder on nearly every map, managed to create a status for himself, "larger than life," if you will. Fayse became attracted to this. It was unexpected for him at first, because Fayse isn't the type of guy to go for another guy. He actually never thought that was something he would do.

    And yet, it also made complete sense, because they were like kindred spirits. Polar opposites that completed each other. At least, on Fayse's end. Favs seemed to have everything on offer that Fayse lacked, and yet, Fayse didn't seem to provide anything in return.

    This doesn't generally make a healthy foundation for a relationship, but then again, what does? Fayse hadn't known any relationships to involve much more than some thoughtless fucking, followed by an awkward silence, then a conversation about whether or not they "should pick up something to eat..?" A question always asked with hesitation, because it was that uncomfortable moment of breaking silence, as well as the anticipation that the answer will be "no," same as it always is due to his choice of partner. Still, he finds himself asking the question because he has hope.

    Maybe this hope can be spent in better places than in dirty dive bars, on elderly floozies.

    "Plus," Fayse thought to himself, "Favs has teeth. That's an improvement over the gumjobs I've been getting from those old hags at the 'Old Hag Bar.' The name really made sense there, why did I go so many times?"

    Fayse worked up the courage to send Favs a message. A simple "hey," was all he started with. It was easy, inoffensive, and didn't reveal any intentions too early. But it was enough for Fayse to hold his breathe while he saw the "Favs is typing a message..." dialogue at the bottom of the window.

    "hey what up," Favs replied. Fayse's heart skipped a beat when his interest responded.

    "nm hbu," responded Fayse, to keep up the disinterested approach.

    "playing some surf"

    "cool any good maps?" asked Fayse, hoping to show some faint interest in what his desire was doing. Truth be told, he didn't really care what was happening, so long as he eventually got to try and fill the gaping hole in his heart, by stuffing the gaping hole in his ass.

    "nah they all shit," Favs replies, in a manner I assume he speaks in since I've never actually talked to him, "u want to play some comp?"

    Fayse's heart skipped more than a couple beats this time. He heard the blood rushing to his head, and felt it rushing to his other head. This is it, he thought to himself, a way to get to know each other.

    What started after this was a long, beautiful friendship between the two. They worked together on running the server, with Favs silently watching over everyone (setting records while he was at it), and Fayse removing the problem people spotted by his partner.

    But Fayse still wanted more, because what kicked this whole thing off initially was his attraction to someone that was his opposite. Someone who could fill those gaps in his life, something that he felt like he wanted; no, something he felt like he needed.

    Fayse finally worked up the courage one cold day. He knew it would be the day because they were both online, very few other people were. He would have the time to quietly approach his love interest, and not worry too much about immediate fallout. Of course, he thought to himself, if it does go wrong, I don't have anyone to turn to at this hour.

    It didn't matter though. It had gone on long enough. Fayse started a new message to Favs. "hey," he started.


    "hows it goin"

    "nb u?"

    "its ok"

    "only ok? somethin wrong?"

    "yeah actually"

    "what is it?"

    Fayse couldn't turn back now. He admitted there was an issue. And when a problem is acknowledged, especially by someone you care about, that legitimizes the issue. Now that the issue was legitimate, Fayse felt it deeper and strong than he ever had before.

    "u there?" Favs asked, after a little delay. Fayse had paused and was trying to collect himself before proceeding. He mustered up all the courage his slender body could, and started to type.

    "listen favs, i know you have a fat cock. and i have a small cock. and i'm sensitive about this. but i'm wondering if maybe we can rub our cocks together sometime, and maybe, just maybe, i'll get a little fatter through just touching, and it might give me something besides ruling a random CS server to look forward to in life. i dream every day about waking up and having a cock that doesn't resemble a tic tac, and i know it's asking a lot, but can i please dock my cock in yours to gain an inch or two?"

    Fayse held his breathe. He had no idea how this was going to go over. He'd spent weeks, literally losing sleep over crafting this perfect message. Hopefully it came across as perfectly as he had intended it to. There was a delay, and Fayse began to worry. After a couple of minutes, he was sure that his message wasn't as perfect as he first thought, and wondered if his life was over. Then suddenly, he saw a short but reassuring message that made all the wrong in the world, suddenly become right.

    "sure," Favs replied. "i'll even let you put my dick in your ass. when would you like to meet up?"

    Fayse's heart skipped a beat once again, which seemed to be happening increasingly frequently. But he had another thing to look forward now. He was going to fully utilize this opportunity, and with a little luck, his cock might grow three sizes this day.
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    what the actual fuck
    google shows no results you guys actually typed all that shit
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