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Dec 10, 2016
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Check to see if your issue is listed here before making a post.

1. I have been banned from the server. How can I make an appeal?

You can post an appeal here. Please note that any issues dealing with bans will not be dealt with in this forum. If you would like to report another player or staff you can do so here.

2. I have an issue connecting to the server. How can I fix this?

Some people may have an issue with downloading custom content from the server. Please see this thread here and see if any of these steps fix your problem. If your problem still persists, please make a forum post.

3. I am unable to connect to full servers with VIP. How can I connect?

In order to connect to a full server you need to connect through console. Get the IP of the server from severs page here and type in console: connect ip
The server browser blocks you from joining when the server is full and this is the current workaround.

4. How do I play?

1. If you don't have Steam yet you will need to download it and make an account.

2. Search for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive within the steam client, you can download it for free.

3. Once the game is open you'll click the play button in the top left and go to community servers.
(alternatively you can click one of the IPs here and it will connect you to the server)

5. What are the commands on the server?

All the commands on the server can be found in this thread here.

6. What do I do if CSGO says my map differs?

This happens when your version of a map differs from the version on the server. This could be caused by the map being updated on the server or joining another server with a different version of the map. To fix this, delete the local version of your map in your csgo\maps folder. There should be two files with the map name and the extensions .bsp and .nav.
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