Denied Hawk ツ - STEAM_1:1:455124274

H4wkSh0t ツ

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Aug 10, 2017
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In-Game Name:
Hawk ツ

Steam ID:

Listed reason for ban:
Banned 2+ years ago for SMAC Custom: Movement Cheat Detected

Which server you were banned from:
believe it was one of your surf servers at the time of ban

Why you should be unbanned:
Was banned for a "movement cheat" when I swear to god I've never used a movement cheat ever considering i've been surfing and bhopping since 2015 so i have no need for one but that's irrelevant now. As of time for the ban I had been using Interwebz as a skinchanger and nothing else was ticked besides maybe backtrack which could have caused it and interwebz has literally nothing for movement besides a circle strafer (hvh thing) and an auto strafer which is blatant as fuck and would get me banned on literally anything so I definitely wasn't using that. It has been well over a year since my last VAC ban after my main got hit I took a long break from CSGO in general and I've given up on cheating, just recently have been getting back into the game with some friends and have been enjoying it again so it would be nice if I could use some of your aim servers or something to warm up since you guys are usually the most populated with the best ping or else play on some of your surf servers using !ws instead of a skin changer lul.

Any other relevant information:
Post's steam id is my current csgo main however my original main steam account:

I've had multiple accounts banned and a few of them I had probably accidently joined one of your servers without looking at the name because of the good ping and had been banned by console so I swear I wasn't trying to ban evade the last 3+ accounts that probably got banned. I was actually searching for an aim server to play on then when i joined and got banned by console it sparked this appeal as I had forgotten about this entire ordeal.

I confirm I have read the appeal template, and all of the above information is truthfully accurate.


Operations Team
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Aug 23, 2016
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The account you are appealing for was definitively detected for cheating a few hours ago, not even an alt account detection. Looks like you're still cheating after 2 years (and still lying about it), maybe you should consider stopping.

The fact that you're so willing to use an injected cheat "as a skin changer" is very telling (especially considering we have !ws). If it was only being utilized as a skin changer, you would not have been detected.

Cheating is cheating, regardless of what features you think are activated or not, absolutely denied.

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