Accepted/Completed kz map cycle (kz_mescaline_f)

Discussion in 'Accepted/Completed' started by borb, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Mar 4, 2019
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    I think there's been a mix up regarding kz_mescaline and kz_mescaline_f (fixed version)

    kz_mescaline_f is in the map cycle and can be nominated and played, but the pro and tp times don't show up in your finished maps.

    kz_mescaline is the old version that has been removed. However it still shows up when you use !profile -> unfinished maps.

    The console message when you do !profile -> finished maps is the following:

    "Times on maps which are not in the mapcycle.txt (TP and Pro records still count but you don't get points): kz_halicarnassus (Pro), kz_halicarnassus (TP), kz_marblewalls_fixed (TP), kz_mescaline_f (TP), kz_mescaline_f (Pro)"
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    Thanks, I'll go ahead and fix that.

    Halicarnassus was removed a few months ago because it triggers a server crash on map change over half the time due to a mapping error (still yet to be deglobaled or fixed), and marblewalls causes issues on high population servers, so that was removed around the same time.

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