Major Forum Upgrade

Happy Sunday everyone!

The time is here, we are now on the latest and greatest version of the forum software we have been running for the last 5 years. There was a plethora of reasons to upgrade, a couple being: The version we were running on became unsupported in January, and the huge amount of features the latest version brings to the table was just too much to say "no" to!

What's new you ask? Let's get right to it!
  • Greatly enhanced mobile support
  • Markdown Support
  • Native Emoji Support
  • A much speedier and efficient codebase
  • Extended API's for us to use
  • Native navigation & widget support
  • Push Notifications
  • Enhanced alerts
  • Embeds - from just about any site you can think of!
  • "What's New" section
  • 3rd Party Logins - Login with Steam, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, or Discord!
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Dark & Light Themes
  • And much more!
This upgrade required almost an entire restyle, and revamp of everything except the content that remained from before, and the transition is far from done. If you notice any issues or missing features from the previous iteration of the forum, please let us know! A couple features have been temporarily disabled (GOKZ Replay Viewer for one) until the issues can be worked out - I wanted to abide by the timeline I gave of getting the site back up and functional for everyone in the meantime.

Thanks again for all of your patience, and enjoy!
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