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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by brayn, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. brayn

    brayn Server Moderator Server Moderator

    Aug 19, 2018
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    In-Game Name:


    Position(s) you are applying for:
    Moderator, Administrator

    Estimated hours per week on our servers:

    Server(s) you primarily play on:

    Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums, Discord)?:

    Would you commit yourself to regularly answering Call Admin pings via Discord?:

    Days/Times of the week you are usually on:
    My time zone is EST. I’m on the KZTimer server every day. I’m definitely on in the evenings, the rest of my day is schedule dependent.

    What unique qualities would you bring to the position(s) you are applying for?:
    One unique quality that I bring to the table is my experience in KZTimer, I’ve logged two months of playtime on the kz server. In this time I’ve learned the ins and outs of kz thoroughly. I know who’s cheating and whos not by looking at stats. If I’m not 100%, I know the right people to check jump graphs to determine if cheats are/we’re being used.

    Along with the all the time I’ve spent on the KZTimer server, I know all the regulars that come on and keep in touch with a lots of them outside the kz server. The unique quality that goes In hand with this is that I care about the members that come onto the server, and the overall kz experience they get.

    Have you ever had any administrative action taken upon you?:

    Any additional information that is relevant:
    I’ll start off with the questions that I believe are new to the format and paste in my previous application response after.

    I’m applying to become a moderator/administrator to this community because I believe I would be a positive addition/influence.

    Another reason is that I want to be exposed to more people In different servers. Sure, I could do that without a staff position, but I’d want to be able to help out when I can. I very much like the idea of responding to !calladmin requests as it would introduce me to people I don’t see often that’d I’d be able to help as well as get to know.

    As for limitations, the only possible one I could think of is that my schedule is subject to change that will keep me busier than I am now.

    The text below is pasted from my previous application.

    I have been a kz player for a little less than a year now and in that time have accumulated around 2,500 hours playing kz. The first 2,000, at least, is on the sneaK's kz server. I am currently taking a college classes but spend my free time playing kz. If I had to put a number on it, I would say I log 120 hours a week in kz, and I would also say that 100 of those are on the sneaK's kz server. With this being said, It should be obvious that I play mainly on sneaK's kz server.

    In my words I would say that a server administrator is the oil that makes the server run as smooth as possible. My idea of a good administrator is one who enforces the rules as needed, but is also a friend of the community. I believe the responsibilities of an administrator consist of keeping mic spam, hate speech, and general toxicity to a minimum. I want to be an administrator on sneaK's kz server because I believe that I could be a positive influence and change on the community as whole while fulfilling the responsibilities previously listed.

    I believe you should choose me for an administration for the following reasons:
    I have at least 2000 hours on sneaK's kz server, I know the ins and outs of kz pretty damn well and will be able to use that experience to differentiate between cheaters and skilled players.
    I am a level headed person and I believe this will suit an administrator position very well.
    I do not plan on straying from this community, or kz, in the near future. Because of this I believe I am a worthwhile investment as community administrator.
  2. Mylifetogive

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    Mar 23, 2018
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    I think Bryan is a good fit for the admin team here. I've known him for quite a long time and he's a responsible level headed person. He's well known in the community and fun to be around.

    Edit: I forgot about moody Bry. I don't understand why you go through these phases where you delete everyone of of steam and act all moody. I definitely don't think that is a good fit for our moderator/admin team.

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  3. sneaK

    sneaK Owner Admin Server Moderator Ops Team Owner

    Aug 23, 2016
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    +1 from me for the Moderator position! Definitely on a lot and helpful, active in the global KZ community & ours.
  4. BDIFF

    BDIFF Shitpost Extraordinaire Admin Server Moderator

    Nov 22, 2016
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    I know nothing of KZ besides that I am Bad at it. A lot of effort put into your app and I appreciate that. +1 wish you the best of luck in your moderator app and hopefully moving into a administrator position with us.


    Boosie Badazz
  5. Ruto

    Ruto Admin Admin Server Moderator Ops Team KZ Global Team

    Sep 13, 2017
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    +1 seems chill
  6. Storm Ex

    Storm Ex Admin Admin Server Moderator

    Dec 5, 2016
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    @'d me in weeb channel in discord, i take back my +1 and replace with -1.

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