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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Kabilla, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Oct 17, 2019
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    In-Game Name:


    Position(s) you are applying for:

    Estimated hours per week on our servers:

    Server(s) you primarily play on:
    SneaK's surf beginner (tier 1-2) SneaKs 1v1s

    Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums, Discord)?:

    Would you commit yourself to regularly answering Call Admin pings via Discord?:

    Days/Times of the week you are usually on:
    Monday-Saturday, between 8am CST - 11am CST to 9pm CST

    What unique qualities would you bring to the position(s) you are applying for?:
    I've been in a position of authority numerous times, and employed as management for jobs which require de-escalation and/or disciplinary action (The Rock Sports Complex- Franklin Wisconsin). I tend to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to rule-breakers and people who like to cause trouble, especially if its someone I know/see/discipline frequently. No one is above the rules, and no one will be spared if they choose to break the rules.

    Have you ever had any administrative action taken upon you?:

    Any additional information that is relevant:
    I've noticed there's a lack of authority in the surf server, which is why I'm applying for this position currently. As I'm primarily a CSGO player, I used surfing to warm up my wrist as a relaxing way to hop into practice or pugs. During the morning / early afternoon I notice the servers are rather respectful and quiet, but as the day goes on and we get into dinner hours there's a lot more people pushing the boundaries and disrupting the servers. I'd like to put a stop to that, and to allow all players to enjoy a positive, peaceful environment instead of having to voice_enable 0.
  2. chilly

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    Nov 13, 2017
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    +1 even though just because you become a mod doesn't mean the server will be 100% respectful, if the server was like that when other mods said that then their would only be one. also I play on the 1v1 server a few times a week and dont recall seeing your name. I don't surf so I can't vouch for that

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