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Jun 24, 2019
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In-Game Name:


Position(s) you are applying for:
Moderator & Operations Team

Estimated hours per week on our servers:

Server(s) you primarily play on:
Sneaks Beginner Surf

Are you active in the community outside of our game servers (Forums, Discord)?:

Would you commit yourself to regularly answering Call Admin pings via Discord?:

Days/Times of the week you are usually on:
Monday-Sunday 11-10 Central Time

What unique qualities would you bring to the position(s) you are applying for?:
A sense of fresh air. I think i could be an excellent addition to the current staff team. I basically have no life so i can log a lot of hours. For a long time i have been looking for a good surf server and i finally found this one. This is my favorite one to play on and its sad when its full. I hate having to resort to inferior servers. I have gotten along with everyone I've met on the server very well. I'd like to think i know most everybody. I like to mess around in voice chat and have a good time with the other players.

I am also very fluent in Java/JavaScript.I know little LUA and a decent chunk of NODE. I have worked on many projects both inside and outside of school. I am definitely up for the task and ready to learn more while on the job.

Have you ever had any administrative action taken upon you?:

Any additional information that is relevant:
The reason I'm applying is because i really enjoy this server and would like to help in any way i can. I think it would be awesome to be apart of the staff team and help keep this server great. I would like to help keep it an enjoyable environment for players. There have been times where when i log on people will be mic spamming or promoting hateful or offensive content which has no place for a server like this where younger audiences may be present. I would like to help enforce positive behavior on the server. I would also like to help develop the server and help the staff team make sure the experience is the best possible for the player base. I would really like to put my Computer Science skill set to good use.
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Aug 23, 2016
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Sorry, you do not meet at least one of the minimum requirements for this position:
  • 30+ hours of playtime on the server you are applying for
You currently have 17 hours across all of our surf servers, and the last time you were seen was the beginning of July. Feel free to re-apply when that requirement is met, you can check your time played in-game using !timeplayed.

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