Monthly VIP Giveaways

Happy Monday, and happy Day 1 of Anniversary Week!

For some time there has been discussion about how we can further reward our members for community participation, and just being here - it's so important. After some deliberation (and a wonderful idea from Kuiq Kuiq) we are happy to announce Monthly VIP Giveaways! Let's go ahead and explain:

How does this work?

Each month we will be awarding one lucky community participant 1 month of VIP from each active game mode we host. Game modes are currently:
  • Bhop​
  • Competitive (Arenas & Retakes)​
  • KZ​
  • Surf​
What are the requirements?

Well - this is where it gets interesting. There is not a hard-set requirement of each month, or how you can win. One month could be most time played, next could be most forum participation, the next could be something extraordinary you did for the community. Each month is different and the winning criteria will be announced after the winners have been selected.

How do I get entered? Can I be disqualified?

Every month you participate, you are automatically entered, just by being here! Playing with friends, inviting people to join, and being the most positive person you can be are all winning ways of putting your best foot forward and having better chances of winning for the month.

Disqualification may happen in rare circumstances. Administrative action or overall toxic/negative behavior is against the spirit of our community, and can/will get you disqualified for the month, and/or months following exhibiting this behavior.

As a reminder, our VIP perks are all listed here. This is one of our many ways of giving back to the community, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing and participating!


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