Denied Pröxe's Adminship Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by ✪ Proxe, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. ✪ Proxe

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    Nov 24, 2017
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    • What is your in-game name?

    • How old are you?
      19 years old

    • Link to your Steam Profile

    • Approximately how many hours a week do you usually play on our servers (average)?
      10 hours or so 2 hours per day.

    • Which one of our servers do you play on the most?
      Sneak’s 1v1 server

    • How many hours a week would you be able to commit in the position(s) that you applied for?
      I’d be able to commit 6-7 per week

    • What do you believe your role as an administrator includes?
      As an admin you have to be able to talk through the issues between two people and create an equal resolution for both sides, as well as being able to act in a professional manner even when not doing the job of an Admin.

    • What kind of responsibilities?
      Keeping the server a clean area that players can enjoy playing without worrying about being harassed, as well as figuring out if there is an issue within the actual server that could be fixed.

    • Why do you want to become an administrator?
      I want to be an Admin because I believe that I’m a very active regular on the server and most of the admins that come on the server, as well as almost all of the regulars like me so I figured I would give an application a shot.

    • Why should I choose you for an admin position?
      I believe I should be chosen because I am a friend of many of the admins that I’ve talked to, as well as being a very mature controlled person that can make good objective decisions for the server.

    • Anything else you would like to share that might be relevant to your application?
      My discord name is Pröxe#7648
  2. xExoGamingFTWx

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    Nov 10, 2017
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  3. real michio

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    Jul 19, 2018
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