Server Update - 1/12/20

  • Added new surf maps:
    • surf_grotto (Tier 3 Staged)
    • surf_hotwheels (Tier 2 Linear)
    • surf_intra (Tier 4 Linear)
    • surf_uhhh (Tier 1 Staged)
  • Surf Timer - When using !hide, players footsteps around you are no longer audible
  • KZ - Fixed some players unable to access ztopwatch
  • Added bhop_colour_lr_v1_fix (Tier 1)
  • Fixed crash on bhop_ala_laupapa
  • Fixed SMFC not displaying in ranking info on Retakes servers
  • Fixed odd overlap of points being displayed on Retakes servers
  • Adjusted rate of points gain/loss for ELO differentials on Retakes servers (see more here)
  • Improved Discord logging for admins/mods


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