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By sneaK on Jan 30, 2019 at 6:33 PM
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    I've gone ahead and reduced the slot counts on the following servers by 2 slots:
    • Easy Surf
    • Beginner Surf
    • KZTimer Public
    • GOKZ
    • 1v1 Arenas #1
    • 1v1 Arenas #2
    • Bhop server
    This was done to ensure absolute best performance, as many of our servers have been seeing a consistently higher average population, notably full servers for extended amounts of time, sometimes causing overloading, which inevitably means unacceptable performance loss.

    • Fixed random errors causing the site to be inaccessible for a few moments
    • Standardized Ban Appeal & Staff Application forms
    • Entirely revamped surf_palette_v2:
      • Proper tele angles
      • Nulled tele speeds to prevent telehopping
      • Anti-gravs at stage ends are now teles to next stage
      • Re-zoned
    • Wiped several superboosted stage times
    • Updated timeplayed plugin on KZTimer public server (whoops!)
    FFA DM:
    • I personally went through every map and checked every single spawn point, removed every bugged/stuck spawn and fixed several oddly facing spawns
    • Removed bot radio chatter
    • Testing a bot quota enforcer, bots will start to be kicked as more players join the server
    • Slightly increased respawn time after death
    • Re-enabled headshot & bodyshot sounds
    • All players are now completely solid
    • Kill feed is now filtered to only your kills, assists, and deaths. This is disabled by using !killfeed
    • Raised minimum spawn distance between players significantly
    • Upped minimum kills to be ranked to 25
    • Several various optimizations
    A few more kinks need to be worked out, feel free to report any issues you may encounter.
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Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Jan 30, 2019.

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