Server Update - 11/24/18

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By sneaK on Nov 24, 2018 at 5:20 PM
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    • Fixed incorrect name specified for bhop_kitsune_v1, it's now playable!
    • Added plugin that allows maps with custom particles to display properly at map start on bhop server
    • Added bhop maps:
      • bhop_0
      • bhop_apathy
      • bhop_awake
      • bhop_awful2c
      • bhop_compact_city_v2
      • bhop_desu_fix
      • bhop_dusttemple_beta
      • bhop_flatliner
      • bhop_interloper
      • bhop_jegypt
      • bhop_moonlight
      • bhop_natthimmel
      • bhop_null
      • bhop_redolent
      • bhop_serenity
      • bhop_sj
      • bhop_uncolored
      • bhop_tasku_csgo is now a fixed version; bhop_tasku_b1
    • Updated all in-game server rules to reflect our latest rules update
    • Fixed issue where joining a team on 1v1 Arenas & Retakes servers wouldn't remove the team join menu
    • Added !rules to Retakes servers
    • Added a required additional map in between previous maps that can be played on NA KZTimer server to help avoid the 'playing the same maps' issue
    • Made the site all festive! (In case you didn't notice)
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Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Nov 24, 2018.

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