Server Update - 2/18/19

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By sneaK on Feb 18, 2019 at 7:51 PM
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    • Removed game_text from surf_mesa_mine secret
    • surf_water-run_b5_fix is now surf_water-run_b5_refix! Thanks to @a-ha! for updating the map with several more fixes & QOL improvements:
      • Boost trigger on S2 start no longer covers the entirety of the tube and is now consistent. Added 0.75s to all stage 2 & map times, deleted all previously superboosted S2 times.
      • Gap in walls on the end of Bonus 1 is now covered, times under 20s have been removed
      • Added additional lasers
      • Removed a couple useless rooms
    • A few changes to surf_lt_unicorn_official:
      • Fixed secret
      • Fixed several missing visual effects across the map
      • Fixed Bonus 1 start filter (this fixes the replay bot on this bonus as well)
      • Replaced Bonus 3 start zone as a temporary fix
      • Fixed stage zones
    • Fixed exploit on all versions of surf_exocube
    • A couple surf timer optimizations
    • Added bhop maps:
      • bhop_24hrs
      • bhop_allison
      • bhop_blu_beta
      • bhop_everchanging
      • bhop_friday_nite
      • bhop_godlike5
      • bhop_keytosuccess
      • bhop_lambda
      • bhop_legacy
      • bhop_metra
      • bhop_noimagination
      • bhop_riverland
      • bhop_saisei
      • bhop_sawogi
      • bhop_shitshow
      • bhop_summerland
      • bhop_tanker3
      • bhop_turhapaska
      • bhop_yleinen
    • A few various optimizations across all servers
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Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Feb 18, 2019.

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