Server Update - 3/22/20

As always, here's the roundup since last update!

Bhop has seen sizable changes/additions:
  • After much request, we have a new Top 50/VIP Bhop server! As with our other Top/VIP servers, this features longer default map times, unlimited extends, and a much more private environment. Find the new IP on the Servers page
  • New styles are available: TAS (with toggleable timescale, autostrafer) and plain Autostrafe mode. Future plans include rewinding ability for TAS as well.
  • !challenge now properly freezes players at start, and now tracks wins/losses for future statistics
  • Several maps re-tiered
  • Fixed a few rare crashes on various maps
  • Added new maps:
    • bhop_abyss
    • bhop_alien_sewers_v3
    • bhop_connection
    • bhop_feyn
    • bhop_flashbacks
    • bhop_flox
    • bhop_gloom
    • bhop_inoculant
    • bhop_kairos
    • bhop_lane
    • bhop_nakolesike
    • bhop_spokyforest
    • bhop_spooktober
    • bhop_sugarspeed
    • bhop_wasd
    • bhop_wj
    • bhop_xenon
  • A few various optimizations
And as always, don't forget to thank mbhound mbhound next time you see him, as he was the architect of much of this change!

  • Added surf_beginner2 (Tier 2 Staged)
  • Added surf_fabas (Tier 4 Staged)
  • Added surf_like_this (Tier 3 Linear)
  • Added surf_pyzire (Tier 4 Linear)
  • Added am_forgotten_rework
  • Fixed an edge case anti-cheat false positive detection
  • All timer servers now have a new nightvision plugin. The previous NVG plugin was fairly ineffective, as it had only put a light green filter over your screen. This new NVG plugin features several presets and scalable intensities, so you can finally see through some of those dark maps (without any annoying green filter)!
  • Added an additional anti-cheat detection to all non-competitive servers (this has been live on competitive servers for 1 month with great success)
  • Improved web performance, fixed an issue with intermittent CF errors


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