Server Update - 3/7/20

  • Added surf_activation (T2 Staged)
  • Experimental fix for the CSGO memory leak implemented, if this is working the surf servers should no longer randomly tank once a day :)
  • Fixed double boost possibility on surf_sequoia bonus 3, wiped those times
  • Fixed double boost possibility on surf_forgotten_fix bonus 1 and added a nojump around the entire start area, all times that had a start speed greater than 260 u/s have been wiped
  • Removed the ability to control replay bots under very particular circumstances (ty Auzzie Auzzie)
  • Fixed kz_purgatory not being available for vote
  • Added !lj/!ljroom to KZ servers - teleport directly to LJ rooms (where available)
  • Updated Movement HUD to latest version
  • Several styling and back-end website updates
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