Server Update - 5/16/20

  • Added surf_hunty (Tier 4 Staged)
  • Added surf_lovetunnel (Tier 1 Linear)
  • Added surf_palais (Tier 2 Linear)
  • Added surf_psychedelia (Tier 3 Linear)
  • Added surf_theme (Tier 4 Staged)
  • surf_rolly is now surf_rolly_fix (FPS improvements and a couple various fixes), times ported
  • surf_arghmyeyes is now surf_arghmyeyes_retexture, no longer destroys your eyeballs, times ported
  • Re-zoned surf_lighthouse
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_krow10, fixed various odd teleports
  • Lasered left side of the start on surf_newb_hazard_r1
  • Fixed being stuck in permanent anti-grav on surf_activation if reset used at a specific part of the map
  • Added missing fail trigger to S2 of surf_ny_superhappiest_b3_fix
  • Added am_subzero
  • Temporarily removed the store on the bhop servers until a fix is found for the random spawn issue
  • Fixed ban appeal link on sourcebans
  • Fixed progress bar exceeding acceptable bounds on Servers page when reserved slots were utilized
  • Added user-friendly server IP's (see Servers page)
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